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Which Zooz Switch Should I Choose for My Installation?

You're looking at all of these model numbers and are probably wondering: OK, they all look almost the same and seem to do the same thing, so which one do I choose for my project? We put together a quick guide to navigate our growing line of light switches. We hope you find it helpful!

Just a few notes of explanation:

  • You'll notice we only mention the ZEN21, ZEN22, ZEN26, and ZEN27 models here. If you'd like to use the toggle style switches, simply replace the ZEN21 with the ZEN23 model and the ZEN22 with the ZEN24 model. We don't currently have the equivalent of ZEN26 or ZEN27 in the toggle style.
  • Please remember that our 3-way and 4-way diagrams for all switch models included in the manual and published in our support portal refer to the most common installations using a Zooz switch with a simple mechanical on/off switch. Please do NOT use these diagrams to connect Zooz switches with other Zooz switches (in the so called virtual 3-way/4-way set-up), nor with the ZAC99 momentary switches. NEVER connect Zooz switch to regular ("dumb") dimmers! Get in touch with us for custom instructions if you'd like to wire our switches in one of the special configurations.
  • When choosing between an on/off switch and a dimmer, please check if your LED bulbs are dimmable and if they require a special type of dimmer. If they call for an electronic low voltage (or trailing edge / reverse phase) dimmer, go with our ZEN27 model. If they call for a magnetic low voltage (aka leading edge / standard phase) dimmer, then go with our ZEN22 model. Flickering is usually a sign of incompatible dimming drivers between your bulbs and your dimmer so we'd suggest trying a different dimmer model if you run into flickering issues. Any switch will work great with your simple incandescent bulbs. Please don't use dimmers with fans or receptacles. Our ZEN21 model is OK to use with fans under 3A (on/off control only).
  • Some scenarios may require additional programming changes, like adjusting the 3-way switch type setting for ZEN21 and ZEN22 models when using the ZAC99 momentary switch or disabling physical control not to cut power to smart bulbs when using our switches as remote controls. Make sure your Z-Wave hub gives you access to these settings before making your final decision. Not sure how to check this? Just ask!
  • Don't use our light switches with CFL ballast tube lights. If you replaced them with LEDs, please make sure the new bulbs replaced the ballast as well and connected directly to the fixture rather than using the old ballast.
  • Don't use our light switches with switched receptacles. You can safely use the relay part of our Double Switch (ZEN30) to control a 15 A switched receptacle.
  • Check the total (actual) power rating of your bulbs before making a final decision. The ZEN27 dimmer can control up to a 100 W of LEDs while the ZEN22 model can handle up to 150 W of LEDs so it could be a better choice for larger installations.


Take a look at the below scenarios for on/off and dimmer switches and see if you can find your perfect fit. If your use case isn't included or you have any questions about the guide, please let us know and we'll be happy to help!






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