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ZEN21 VER. 2.0 VS VER. 3.0: What's the Difference

We gave your favorite switch a little lift. 

You're getting a more user friendly and powerful device with the VER. 3.0. We haven't changed anything major about the hardware - the switch can still connect to your regular on/off switch in a 3-way in the same manner as VER. 2.0 (use the same diagrams). It's still rated for 15 A and will accommodate more bulbs than the S2 ZEN26 model. But we introduced a few firmware changes that will make a difference.

Here is how the ZEN21 VER. 3.0 compares to VER. 2.0 (VER. 1.0 is ancient history so we're not listing it not to confuse you even more!).

Not sure which version or model number you have? Just see the box or back of your switch, it's all printed there.

If something here isn't clear or you'd like to see more attributes added to the list, just let us know!



ZEN21 VER. 3.0

ZEN21 VER. 2.0


Rewire both boxes

Rewire both boxes


Load and line in same box only

Load and line in same box only

Factory reset

Tap-tap-tap’n’hold the upper paddle

Through Z-Wave exclusion only




LED Indicator

Change mode by tapping any paddle 6 times quickly

Change mode through advanced settings (parameters) only

OTA Updates

You can update the firmware over the air

You can't update the firmware

Built-in Timer

Available through advanced settings

Not available

Paddle Control

Option for on/off control from any paddle through advanced settings

Option for on/off control from either upper or lower paddle only

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