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Zooz SmartThings Edge Drivers
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SmartThings is slowly transitioning from the legacy groovy platform to the new lua platform. This creates new challenges for seamless integration as well as access to key and advanced features of our devices. As usual, we're committed to providing the best possible experience to all of our customers, regardless of the platform they use. That's why, in the past few months, we've been working with Kevin (@krlaframboise) to create custom Edge drivers for Zooz products. Kevin has provided excellent solutions for the new presentation and added more features compared to the groovy handlers so we're confident that this transition will help you get the best of our devices. In the meantime, we ask for your patience and respect for some of the ground rules around this code, which we outlined below.


The platform is still in beta, with many changes introduced by SmartThings on the backend every day, so please note we make no guarantees for the below code and drivers. Please read all instructions carefully before installing any of the drivers.



  • Drivers can’t be manually assigned to a device so you’ll need to remove the device from ST first in order to try the Driver.


  1. Click on to the Zooz Channel invitation link here and log in with your Samsun/ST account

  2. Enroll your hub

  3. Click “Available Drivers”

  4. Click the “Install” for the Driver you want

  5. Wait a few minutes

  6. Join the device using the Scan QR Code method or the Scan for devices (manual inclusion) method

  7. For battery powered devices, wake the device up manually (according to the instructions in the manual, usually by clicking the Z-Wave button 3 or 4 times)


  • Device doesn’t get identified as the correct product: remove the device and try adding it again.
  • Sync Status tile is empty: it should update to show the number of pending changes as soon as you change a setting, but if it doesn’t then you can either wait about 30 minutes and reboot the hub or just wait and it should fix itself within24 hours. Note that the switch driver doesn't feature the sync status tile at all.
  • Device list in the IDE shows that it’s executing in the “cloud”: testing has confirmed that the devices execute locally in Automations as long as all the devices uses in that Automation execute locally. Because the drivers aren’t meant to be viewed in the IDE, they may not display the actual cloud vs local status correctly.
  • Only one part of the device is available on the smart speaker app: there is currently a limitation on the new platform that prevents the driver from creating multiple devices in the app which would allow for individual control of each child device via voice. This means that while child devices are available as individual devices in the Routines and Automations tools in the SmartThings app, only the main device will show up for voice control in the smart speaker app. For example, only the dimmer part of the ZEN30 Double Switch is now available for voice control on SmartThings.
  • Questions or issues? Feel free to post them in the dedicated thread on the SmartThings community forum.


  • Drivers don’t log messages to the IDE’s Live Logging window and there’s currently no way to see the logs without installing the IDE.


  • Zooz ZAC36 Valve Actuator
  • Zooz ZAC38 Range Extender
  • Zooz ZEN04 Smart Plug   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN05 Outdoor Plug   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN06 Smart Plug   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN14 Outdoor Double Plug   (Zooz Multichannel Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN15 Power Switch   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN16 MultiRelay   (Zooz Multichannel Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN17 Universal Relay   (Zooz Multichannel Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN20 Power Strip (version 2 & 3)   (Zooz Multichannel Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN21 On/Off Switch   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN22 Dimmer   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN23 Toggle Switch   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN24 Toggle Dimmer   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN25 Double Plug   (Zooz Multichannel Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN26 S2 On/Off Switch   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN27 S2 Dimmer   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN30 Double Switch (Zooz Multichannel Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN32 Scene Controller
  • Zooz ZEN34 Remote Switch (Important: after inclusion has finished and you’ve tested that the button is working you should tap the upper paddle 7x to force it to wake up and go back to sleep.)
  • Zooz ZEN37 Wall Remote (Zooz Wall Remote(Important: after inclusion has finished and you’ve tested that the button is working you should click the lower left button 6x as quickly as possible to wake the device up)
  • Zooz ZEN51 Dry Contact Relay   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN52 Double Relay   (Zooz Multichannel Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN53 DC Motor Controller (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN54 0-10V Dimmer (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN55 DC Signal Sensor (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN71 On/Off Switch   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN72 Dimmer   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN73 Toggle Switch   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN74 Toggle Dimmer   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN76 S2 On/Off Switch   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZEN77 S2 Dimmer   (Zooz Switch)
  • Zooz ZSE11 Q Sensor   (Zooz Multisensor)
  • Zooz ZSE18 Motion Sensor   (Zooz Multisensor)
  • Zooz ZSE29 Outdoor Motion Sensor   (Zooz Multisensor)
  • Zooz ZSE40 4-in-1 Sensor   (Zooz Multisensor)
  • Zooz ZSE41 XS Open Close Sensor
  • Zooz ZSE42 XS Water Leak Sensor
  • Zooz ZSE43 Tilt | Shock Sensor   (Zooz Multisensor)
  • Zooz ZSE44 Temperature | Humidity Sensor   (Zooz Multisensor)

Community Driver

If you would like us to prioritize drivers for any particular models or have any feedback about this page, please let us know! Please post any questions or issues around the drivers in the dedicated thread on the SmartThings community forum.

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