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ZEN2X vs ZEN7X Models: What's the Difference
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You may have noticed our Zooz light switches line has expanded. We just love updating and upgrading products for you!

So what's the difference between the new 700 series switches and the 500 series models?


Here is a short list of upgrades we implemented in the 700 series models:

  • 700 series Z-Wave chip: Allows for more range. This will make a difference if you don't have many Z-Wave devices in your mesh or if you have metal switch boxes.
  • Smaller size: For installations that have shallow or very crowded boxes. They're just 1.16" deep!
  • SmartStart: If your hub supports SmartStart, just scan the QR code on your switch to add it.
  • Replaceable paddles: Match the other switches in your home by changing the color of your switches' paddles from white to almond, brown, or black - just make sure to add the correct versions to your cart! Click here for paddles for On/Off Switches and here for Dimmers.
  • Adjustable LED indicator: Choose the color and brightness level of the LED indicator for your paddle switch (if your hub supports advanced features).
  • Range test tool: You can now check if the switch can communicate with the hub by performing a paddle press sequence and read the LED indicator color to instantly diagnose your mesh network.


Which Switch is Which? That's easy!

Here's a chart to help you find the 700 series model equivalent to your 500 series switch:


500 Series Model 700 Series Model


(wires like the ZEN21/22 in 3-ways)


(wires like the ZEN76/77 in 3-ways)


(wires like the ZEN21/22 in 3-ways)


(wires like the ZEN76/77 in 3-ways)



You can find all of our Zooz switches and dimmers available at The Smartest House here: Zooz - The Smartest House. Not sure which switch will suit your installation? We've got you covered! Check out our helpful guide for choosing the right Zooz dimmer or switch here.


Questions? Reach out us! We'll be happy to help.


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