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Which LED Bulbs Can I Use with My Zooz Switches and Dimmers?
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Not all LED bulbs will work seamlessly with all Z-Wave switches. While we no longer publish a database of verified working LED bulbs (manufacturers change components way too often for that), here are some general tips that we hope will help you make the best choice for your smart lighting.

While it's normal to get a flickering effect at low brightness levels (0-10%), sometimes you'll connect an LED bulb and find that it flickers at all dimming levels. This is usually due to a driver incompatibility and you can check with the bulb manufacturer whether it requires a leading edge TRIAC driver or a trailing edge MOSFET driver to know which Zooz dimmer will work best for you.


Our leading edge dimmer models are ZEN22, ZEN24, ZEN72, ZEN74, and ZEN30 VER. 2.0 & VER. 3.0.

Our trailing edge dimmer models are ZEN27, ZEN77, ZEN30 VER. 1.0. 


We also put together a few helpful tips on how to address flickering on the bulbs used with Zooz dimmers in these articles.


Here is a list of the bulbs we see most issues with, whether it's flickering or even causing malfunction on both our on/off switches and dimmers so we don't recommend using any of Zooz switches with the following brands:

  • Feit Electric
  • Lithonia
  • Luminus 


If you'd like to find out more about Zooz switch load requirements, check out this info about minimum loads and motor loads. Using fluorescent tube lights? Read this important information!!


And if you have any other questions about LED compatibility, don't hesitate to reach out

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