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Can My Zooz Light Switches Be Used With Tube Lights?
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No Zooz switch should be connected to traditional CFL ballast tube lights.

Ballast tube lights have huge power spikes at start up which can damage the switches immediately or over time. While the wattage may technically be within the device's specs, this type of load is too much for the switch to handle due to the fluctuations in power draw that these bulbs come with. We recommend sticking with regular LEDs or CFLs within the rating of the switch. 

What about LED tube lights?

As long as the LED tube light does not have ballast in it (they should mention ballast bypass in their description), it should be safe to use with Zooz switches - just make sure to check that the actual wattage of the bulbs doesn't go over the LED power rating for the particular switch model. We recommend using the ZEN21 On/Off Switch or the relay part of the ZEN30 Double Switch with LED tube lighting.


LED tube lights that are a retrofit solution may still use ballast and will damage the Zooz switch they are connected to. You can find an example of an LED tube light that has the ballast removed and is safe to use with Zooz switches (within their maximum LED load) here.


Not sure if your tube lights are safe to use with Zooz? Ask us! Be sure to include the brand, model number, or website link to the particular bulbs you'd like to use.




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