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ZEN72 VS ZEN77: What's the Difference
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Which Zooz 700 series Dimmer model should you use for your set-up?

The differences for the ZEN72 and ZEN77 models are similar to those of their 500 series predecessors, the ZEN22 and ZEN27, where they are wired differently in 3-way (or larger) installations and support different loads.

The ZEN72 Dimmer is recommended for single pole installationsset-ups involving smart bulbs or locations with 6 or more bulbs. It can handle up to 150 Watts of LED bulbs on load. The ZEN72 is a TRIAC dimmer so if your bulbs work better with leading-edge drivers, this model will work better. 

The ZEN77 Dimmer is recommended for 3-way and 4-way installations since you won't need to rewire your other switches in the set-up, you can simply replace the main switch with direct connection to power with the ZEN77 dimmer. It can control up to 100 Watts of LED bulbs and we don't recommend using it in installations with chandeliers or large groups of lights over 6 bulbs. Version 1.0 and 2.0 of the ZEN77 were MOSFET dimmers so if your bulbs work better with trailing-edge (or reverse-phase) drivers, those versions of the model worked best. Version 3.0 of the ZEN77 is now a TRIAC dimmer so if your bulbs work better with leading-edge drivers, this model will work better.


Why We Changed to all TRIAC: We found that newer LED bulbs dimmed better with TRIAC dimmers, and considering limited availability for MOSFETS, we decided to transfer the ZEN77 model to TRIAC as well. 

None of the dimmers can be used to control fans, ballast tube lights, or switched receptacles. For more set-ups, please check out our complete guide to Zooz switches and dimmers.


Not sure which model dimmer you currently have? You can find the models engraved on the front metal part of the units (remove wall plate first), or full specifications printed on the back of the devices. If something in this article is confusing or if an attribute is missing from the chart, please let us know and we'll make it better!


  ZEN72 ZEN77
3-Way Rewire both switch boxes Rewire one switch box
4-Way Load & line in same box only Load & line can be in separate boxes
5-Way Load & line in same box only Load & line can be in separate boxes
Neutral / Power Required Required
Security S2 Authenticated S2 Authenticated
Min Load 15-20W None
Max Load 500W Incandescent, 150W LED 300 W incandescent,100 W LED/CFL
LED Bulbs Compatible with most dimmable LED’s Compatible with all dimmable LED’s
LED Driver TRIAC MOSFET for V1 and V2, TRIAC for V3
Paddle Colors White, Light Almond, Brown, & Black White, Light Almond, Brown, & Black
LED Indicator Customizable colors & brightness levels Customizable colors & brightness levels
Signal Repeater Yes Yes
Double Tap Double tap to full brightness Double tap to any brightness level
Ramp Rate Fully Adjustable Fully Adjustable
Scene Control Yes Yes
Smart Bulb Support Yes - for single & multipole smart bulb installs Yes - for single pole smart bulb installs only

Z-Wave Plus

Yes Yes
Instant Status Yes Yes
Certification ETL ETL
Advanced Settings View Here View Here


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