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Can I Use My Zooz Light Switch With a Switched Receptacle?
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Zooz light switches are only rated to be used with 120 V lighting fixtures directly. That means that you can't use a ZEN21, ZEN22, ZEN23, ZEN24, ZEN26, or ZEN27 to control a lamp or appliance on a switched receptacle. There is a different solution though!

You can use the relay part of the ZEN30 Double Switch to control your receptacle. It is 15 A rated dry contact relay so the electronics on the switch are separated from the relay switching the load here. For more information about the ZEN30's installation possibilities, check out our helpful guide here.


All other Zooz switches, and dimmers in particular, cannot be connected to receptacles as they will be damaged easily and most of them aren't rated at 15 A which is a NEC code requirement for a wall switch controlling a 15 A receptacle.


If you would like to dim the lamp connected to a switched receptacle, we recommend plugging it into a dimmable smart plug, disconnecting the receptacle from the wall switch, and using any of Zooz switches as a remote control to turn the plug on and off via Z-Wave using the smart bulb mode (with physical control disabled).


Feel free to contact us with any other questions, we'll be happy to help!

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