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When Can I Use the ZEN30 Double Switch?
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The ZEN30 Double Switch is a perfect replacement for your existing stacked switch but it also works great in other scenarios. We've outlined all the different ways you could take advantage of this versatile device below but do let us know if we missed anything!

  • A stacked 2-in-1 switch controlling a fan motor and light separately: Just connect the fan part to the relay and the light to the dimmer switch to get individual control of the 2 via Z-Wave. Remember to remove any wireless receivers from the fan before connecting the dimmer part. You will only be able to turn the fan on or off using the ZEN30, speed control is not supported but any fan under 1/3 hp (including exhaust fans) will work well here.
  • A single switch controlling a fan motor and light together: If you just have one switch turning your fan's motor and light at the same time, the ZEN30 will only be able to do just that. It won't split the signal for you into individual control of the motor and the light if you only have a single wire coming to the box from the fan. You can connect the fan to the relay part of the ZEN30 for on/off Z-Wave control and continue using the pull chains or remote control to turn the light or the motor on and off separately. The dimmer part won't be connected to anything but you can still program the paddles to serve as a scene controller or additional control of the fan if it's more convenient than using the smaller button.
  • A stacked 2-in-1 switch controlling 2 different lights separately: If you have a double switch in your kitchen or garage that has to different sets of lights controlled by the 2 parts, you can safely use the ZEN30 here as well to add Z-Wave to these lights. Just remember that you'll only be able to dim the lights connected to the dimmer and they need to be under 75W for LEDs. If you have a larger lighting set-up, connect it to the relay part of the ZEN30 instead. This model is single pole only so if any of your lights are controlled by a 3-way or 4-way set-up, you'll need additional smart switches to create a virtual multi-point control installation here. Get in touch with us for details.
  • 2 single wall switches controlling 2 different loads that you'd like to combine into 1 switch: Sometimes you could use some extra space in a switch box. Now you can combine 2 single switches into one smart wall switch that will let you keep individual control of the connected lights (or fan and a light) to make room for an additional lighting control or a Z-Wave switch to trigger scenes, control your smart bulbs or that new fancy LED strip.
  • A single switch controlling a switched receptacle: Since we don't recommend using smart light switches (and especially dimmers) to control receptacles and electrical outlets, the relay part of the ZEN30 is the only Z-Wave control we'd suggest for this type of application. It's an isolated contact relay so it can control a receptacle on a separate circuit and it's equipped with additional components to protect it from the high inrush current common in inductive loads. Connect the relay to the switched receptacle and program the dimmer paddles to turn on your favorite presets for the smart bulb in the lamp plugged into that receptacle.
  • A single switch controlling smart bulbs: Think of the ZEN30 as a 3-button wall remote. Use each paddle and the relay button to control as many smart bulbs as you'd like, in groups, or individually, using the different button actions available on the device (double tap, hold, 4-tap, etc.). You can program the ZEN30 not to cut power to the connected fixture even if the switch is off so your smart bulbs remain smart. 
  • A mystery switch that doesn't do anything now: So you have a spot in your switch box with a useless switch that you could use in a smarter way? The ZEN30 will turn it into a handy Z-Wave command center. It only needs a connection to power and neutral and will function great as a remote switch without any load wired to it. You can program the dimmer paddles and the relay button to enable scenes or control other devices in your network and discretely set the right mood with a single click. 
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