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Recommended Accessories for Your ZEN77 Dimmer Switch
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Are you looking for accessories for your ZEN77 light switch? Check out the suggestions below.

If you'd like to match your wall plates to your new ZEN77 dimmer, then we recommend the Leviton white wall plates, found in most hardware stores.


For 3-ways or installations with more than 1 switch, the Leviton white on / off switches are an excellent accompaniment to the ZEN77 if you want the mechanical on/off switches to match, too. You won't need any add-on switches as the ZEN77 needs to be connected to regular on/off 3-way switches at the other end of the installations.


Looking for a color besides white? The 700 series paddles can be swapped out for Almond, Brown, or even Black paddles. Please ensure you watch the installation video prior to changing the paddles.


Need help with your installation? Please thoroughly read the instructions found inside the box with your ZEN77 and prepare the tools you'll need BEFORE starting the installation. A neutral jumper needed in most installs is included in the box with your switch. If you need additional wire or wire nuts to complete your installation, please use 14 AWG, as used in most standard 120 V installations. Other basic electrical tools recommended to have on hand include a voltage meter and electrical pliers.


Important: Verify that your installation is within the ZEN77's maximum load specifications before connecting the switch. The ZEN77 can handle up to 100W for LED bulbs or 300W for incandescent lights. You cannot use the ZEN77 Dimmer to control a receptacle. Do not mix incandescent and LED bulbs in the same installation. You can learn more about what can or cannot be connected to Zooz switches from the following Knowledge Base article: General Questions about Zooz Light Switches.


Before starting your installation:

  • Check you have the correct wiring diagram. For a single pole installation, you can find the wiring diagram here (scroll down to Installation). If it's a 3-or more-way installation, then you can use the diagrams found here in our Knowledge Base.
  • Identify your wires. The wiring of your ZEN77 dimmer might be different than your existing switch or any other Zooz model switch. For example, the ZEN77 won't use the same diagram as the ZEN72. Use this guide to ensure you're installing the switch correctly.
  • Confirm your switch box has neutral wiring. All Zooz switches, including the ZEN77, need neutral in the box to be installed. Contact us if you don't know if there's neutral in the box.
  • Hire a licensed electrician. We would recommend hiring a licensed professional to install your switch if you're not comfortable around electrical installations.
  • You can also reach out to us. The wiring in your home could be different than what's in our diagrams. We can help with the wiring if you send us a ticket with your order number so we can verify the model (Amazon order numbers work too!) and images of the wiring in each switch box so we can send the most accurate directions.


Let us know if you have any other questions about your ZEN77 switch, we'll be happy to help!

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