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ZEN73 On/Off Toggle Switch 700 Advanced Settings
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Here is a full list of advanced settings (parameters) for the ZEN73 On/Off Toggle Switch 700 VER. 1.03 firmware:

On/Off Toggle Orientation

Parameter 1: Choose if you want to turn the light on or turn the light off when you toggle up the switch.

Values: 0 – Toggle up turns the light on, toggle down turns it off (default); 1 – Toggle up turns the light off, toggle down turns it on; 2 – Toggle any direction to turn the light on/off (change state).

Size: 1 byte dec

Auto Turn-Off Timer

Parameter 3: Use this parameter to enable or disable the auto turn-off timer function (the time after which you want the switch to automatically turn off once it has been turned on).

Values: 0 – timer disabled (default); 1 – 65535 (minutes).

Size: 4 byte dec


Auto Turn-On Timer

Parameter 5: Use this parameter to enable or disable the auto turn-on timer function (the time after which you want the switch to automatically turn on once it has been turned off).

Values: 0 – timer disabled (default); 1 – 65535 (minutes).

Size: 4 byte dec

On Off Status After Power Failure

Parameter 8: Set the on off status for the switch after power failure.

Values: 0 – forced to OFF (regardless of state prior to power outage); 1 – forced to ON (regardless of state prior to power outage); 2 – remembers and restores on/off status after power failure (default)

Size: 1 byte dec

Enable/Disable Scene Control

Parameter 10: Enable or disable scene control functionality for quick double tap triggers.

Values: 0 – scene control disabled (default). 1 – scene control enabled.

Size: 1 byte dec

Smart Bulb Mode: Enable/Disable Paddle / Z-Wave Control

Parameter 12: Enable or disable manual on/off control from the toggle. If enabled, you’ll only be able to control the connected light via Z-Wave. Scenes and other functionality will still be available from the toggle.

Values: 0 – physical toggle control disabled. 1 – physical toggle control enabled (default). 2 – physical toggle and Z-Wave control disabled. NOTE: hold the toggle down for 10 seconds until the LED indicator starts blinking, then within 2 seconds, toggle the switch down 5 times quickly to change this mode. The LED indicator will stay solid green for 3 seconds to confirm the change.

Size: 1 byte dec


Parameter 13: Set reporting behavior for disabled physical control.

Values: 0 – switch reports on/off status and change LED indicator state even if physical and Z-Wave control is disabled (default). 1 – switch doesn't report on/off status or change LED indicator state when physical (and Z-Wave) control is disabled.

Size: 1 byte dec

Association Reports

Parameter 16: Choose how the switch reports its status back to the hub.

Values: 0 – Binary switch report for Z-Wave control, basic set report for toggle (physical) control; 1 – binary switch report for both Z-Wave and toggle control (default)

Size: 1 byte dec

Enable/Disable Programming on the Toggle

Parameter 17: Enable or disable programming functionality on the toggle (physical taps). If this setting is disabled, then inclusion, exclusion, smart bulb mode no longer work when switch is toggled in the preset sequence (factory reset and scene control will still work) - that means you can now use triple-tap triggers on the switch for scenes and remote control of other devices.

Values: 0 – programming enabled (default). 1 – programming disabled.

Size: 1 byte dec


Toggle Up: 

1 x tap: load on; Scene 1, attribute 00

2 x tap: Scene 1, attribute 03

3 x tap: enter inclusion (pairing) mode (only if the switch is not included to the hub); Scene 1, attribute 04

4 x tap: Scene 1, attribute 05

5 x tap: Scene 1, attribute 06

held: Scene 1, attribute 01

released: Scene 1, attribute 02


Toggle Down: 

1 x tap: load off; Scene 2, attribute 00

2 x tap: Scene 2, attribute 03

3 x tap: enter exclusion (unpairing) mode; Scene 2, attribute 04

4 x tap: Scene 2, attribute 05

5 x tap: Scene 2, attribute 06

held: Scene 2, attribute 01

released: Scene 2, attribute 02

held for 10 seconds (LED indicator starts blinking): enter the setting menu >> 5 x tap down for factory reset; 5 x tap up to change LED bulb mode (see parameter 11); 2 x tap down to enable the range test tool.


How to Access the Advanced Settings:





Home Assistant


All ZEN73 switches can be updated via OTA firmware updates, here is how to do that. After you register your product and create an account here, you can access all firmware files in this library. If you have any questions, please reach out to our customer service, we reply 7 days a week!

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