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How to Access Advanced Settings for ZEN73 Toggle Switch 700 on Home Assistant
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You'll be able to customize your ZEN73's settings right from the start!

Zooz products are now officially integrated with the new ZWaveJS integration of Home Assistant. If you're experiencing issues with accessing the advanced settings of your ZEN73 Toggle Switch we would recommend first updating to the JS integration then excluding and re-including your device to your network in order for it to be recognized correctly.


All of the Toggle Switch's settings should be available to you once the switch is added to your Home Assistant network. If a certain parameter isn't displaying for you, you can use another method to make changes to your On/Off Switch's settings.


You can now change any parameter manually on the JS Z-Wave integration for Home Assistant. 

It needs to be done in zwavejs2mqtt and it’s not possible to do this within HA directly at the moment:


  1. Under node, scroll down below any exposed settings for the device (under Configuration) to the Custom Configuration section as shown in the screenshot here, where you'll see Value, Parameter and Size.
  2. You can enter the data according to the product documentation and click SET for the parameter to be updated.
  3. If you have a battery-powered device, you'll need to wake it up by performing the same activation sequence as during inclusion.

The ZEN73 Toggle Switch supports OTA updates, so if you're on an older firmware version and would like access to the latest advanced setting options we recommend updating your switch


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions! We'll be happy to help.

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