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ZEN26 S2 Switch Change Log

Here is a log of upgrades and improvements we made to the S2 ZEN26 model so far.

VER. 1.0 (released 10/2018)

Original release.

Firmware: 1.0

  • Included S2 security, OTA firmware updates, built-in auto-off timer (set in seconds)

VER. 2.0 (released 6/2019)


  • Made the LED indicator smaller
  • Terminal screws arrive loose (unscrewed) for easier installation
  • Added foam to packaging

Firmware: 2.0

  • Added full scene control
  • Changed association settings to send separate reports for manual and Z-Wave control
  • Added auto-on timer and changed timer setting (from seconds to minutes)
  • Added the ability to control load by pressing any of the paddles
  • Added the ability to physical local control

VER. 2.01

Firmware: 2.01

  • Reduced manual control delay related to scene control functionality

VER. 2.02

Firmware: 2.02

  • Added on/off reports to the hub and LED indicator status changes with disabled physical / Z-Wave control
  • Fixed behavior and reports for on/off control without a connected load
  • Fixed issues with behavior after power outage

VER. 2.03

Firmware: 2.03

  • Added the ability to disable Z-Wave control together with physical control
  • Added the ability to adjust reporting behavior for disabled physical control

Your ZEN26 switch can be updated via OTA firmware updates, here is how to do that. Please request a firmware update file here and include your order number for verification!

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  • 31-Mar-2020