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What Happens if My Zooz Device Has Been Discontinued?
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It's out with the old and in with the new.

The world of Z-Wave is constantly changing and improving to give you the fastest, strongest, most secure smart home experience - and so is Zooz!


What Kind of Changes Can Occur With Zooz Devices?

  • Firmware changes
    • New firmware can be applied to your existing Zooz device if it supports OTA (Over the Air) updates (which most do).
    • Firmware files are available to Zooz customers who have registered their products: Register here.
      • We don't publish firmware files since some versions of the products require dedicated OTA files which will be different depending on the original firmware. We want to make sure that the firmware you install will not brick your device or make it otherwise unusable.
    • The OTA update process is explained here: How to Perform an OTA Firmware Update on Zooz Devices
  • Hardware changes
    • Changes made to the hardware of the device cannot be applied to your existing device.
    • These occur based on feedback provided by our customers, material availability in the manufacturing process, and input from our engineering team.
    • Any hardware changes are also noted in a given device's change log.
  • Z-Wave chip upgrade
    • The Z-Wave chip is the brain for any Z-Wave device. This chip is manufactured by Silicon Labs and is always being updated for better performance.
    • We try to upgrade our devices to the latest Z-Wave chip as soon as the given version is thoroughly tested and becomes available for purchase.
    • The chip version is typically noted in the product title, product description, product manual, product packaging, and change log (look for 700 or 800 series marks).
    • Sometimes the change happens faster than our team is able to update all of the above details and online documentation, so if you're not sure which chip a device is using - reach out to us!
  • Complete discontinuation
    • As we update the hardware, firmware, and / or Z-Wave chip of Zooz devices, we discontinue older models.
    • For example, our popular wall switch models (ZEN21, ZEN22, ZEN26, ZEN27, etc) were discontinued in favor of the new upgraded versions (ZEN71, ZEN72, ZEN76, ZEN77). This means we are no longer producing or selling the ZEN2X models and are instead focusing on and devoting resources to the active models.
    • While we try to offer as many products as possible, sometimes we will discontinue a device without releasing a direct replacement for it. This may happen due to lower demand or extended development process for a particular type of device.

What Kind of Support Can I Expect for my Discontinued Zooz device?

  • Discontinued or not - your Zooz device comes with lifetime tech support.
    • If you experience issues or have questions on how to program the device in your Z-Wave hub, you can always reach out to Zooz support and we'll do our best to guide you.
    • We cannot always predict if an update a given Z-Wave hub or system has will continue to support older or discontinued models, but we do what we can to work with the developers of major Z-Wave platforms to ensure your Zooz device continues to be integrated and supported.
  • If your device has been marked as discontinued, it cannot be exchanged for the latest version (if a newer version of the device was released).
  • If it is within its warranty period and experiences issues, you can reach out to support to begin the warranty process (as described here).

What if there isn't a new or upgraded version of my device and there is no alternative device available?

  • We listen to our customers' needs to create the devices that help make your smart home work for you. We look for the best manufacturers to build devices that fulfill your needs and can be relied on, which can take some time. We encourage you to reach out to us with your ideas so that our development team knows exactly what it is our customers want and need. 
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