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How to Program Your ZEN34 Remote Switch on SmartThings
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Once you've added the device to your hub, it's time to program it. Here are a few tips on making it work. 

First, make sure your device was recognized correctly as the Zooz ZEN34 Remote Switch and displays with a remote control icon in the app. If it was added as a Z-Wave device and doesn't look like it has any capability in the app, please exclude it and try adding it again. 

You can control devices and activate scenes using this remote by assigning custom actions to selected button triggers. Just click on the device in your SmartThings app and take a look at the list of available actions, then click on the ones that you'd like to use as triggers. "Toggled down" simply means "lower paddle pressed once", "Toggled up 3 times" means "upper paddle pressed 3 times", etc. Don't forget to click Save after you've assigned an action to your trigger!

If you need to edit or delete any of the programming, just go to the SmartThings app menu and click on Automations. Then find the action you'd like to remove on the list of your automations and press and hold it to delete.


If you install the custom device handler, you can also control other Z-Wave devices with this Remote Switch through direct association. This will establish a link between the device that will allow them to communicate even if the hub is down. To program associations, click on the Remote Switch device in your SmartThings app, then click on the 3 dots in the corner and click on Settings. Scroll down to Device Associations and read the instructions and disclaimer carefully to finish programming the switch. Then wake the device up by tapping the upper paddle 7 times quickly.

IMPORTANT: please make sure that the device you're trying to control is added with the same Z-Wave security level as the Remote Switch.


Do you have more questions about programming the device? Feel free to reach out to us for answers!

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