ZEN15 Power Switch Change Log

Here are the updates we made to the ZEN15 model so far.

VER. 1.0 (released 8/2017)

Original release.

  • Energy monitoring, overload protection, straight plug

Firmware: 1.01

  • Range test tool, power reporting frequency settings, state recovery after power failure

VER. 2.0 (released 5/2018)


  • Angled plug

Firmware: 1.02

VER. 2.01 (released 12/2018)

Firmware: 1.03

  • Added options to disable manual control and on/off commands from the hub
  • Added new LED indicator options and default LED behavior (LED off when plug is off)
  • Enabled A and V power reports by default

VER. 2.02 (released 8/2019)

Firmware: 1.04

  • Added the ability to reset kWh meter locally at the plug (press the Z-Wave button 6 times quickly to reset)
  • Added status reports once power is restored after power failure

The ZEN15 Power Switch can be updated via OTA firmware updates, here is how to do that. You can request a firmware update file here, please send us your order number for verification!

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  • 28-Aug-2019