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ZSE29 Outdoor Motion Sensor Change Log
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Here are the changes we made to the ZSE29 model so far.

VER. 1.0 (released 11/2018)

Original release.

  • Battery or USB power, motion retrigger and lux setting adjustment knobs

Firmware: 1.01

  • S2 security, motion retrigger and lux settings refer to associated Z-Wave devices only, no advanced settings

VER. 1.01 (released 7/2019)


  • Added a dedicated mini screwdriver for manual knob adjustment
  • Updated mounting screws with standard philips type

Firmware: 1.03

  • Added advanced settings for motion retrigger time and lux brightness trigger (they still only refer to associated Z-Wave devices in Group 2)

VER. 2.0 (released 12/2019, can't update from 1.0 hardware to 2.0 via OTA)

Firmware: 2.0

  • Advanced settings for motion retrigger time and lux brightness trigger now refer to reports sent both to the hub and to associated Z-Wave devices in Group 2
  • Added lux reporting to the hub and a setting to adjust reporting frequency
  • Added an advanced setting to adjust sensitivity for the motion sensor
  • Added a setting to disable motion reports to the hub

VER. 2.01 (released 8/2020, can't update from 2.0 hardware to 2.01 via OTA)

Firmware: 2.01

  • Fixed power outage behavior when used with USB (the sensor no longer automatically enters test mode when power is restored after an outage)
  • Increased wake-up time after inclusion to improve the initial configuration process


The ZSE29 Outdoor Motion Sensor can be updated via OTA firmware updates within the same hardware version, here is how to do that. You can request a firmware update file here, please include your order number for verification! Your order number can be from The Smartest House, Amazon, or if - please send us a screenshot of the order confirmation. This information helps us verify your device model to send the correct firmware file.

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