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ZSE29 Outdoor Motion Sensor VER. 2.0 Advanced Settings
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Here is a full list of advanced settings (parameters) for the ZSE29 VER. 2.0 (firmware 2.0):

Basic Set Report Value Sent to Associated Devices

Parameter 1: Set the value of basic set report sent to the light associated with the sensor in Group 2 (so the light turns on to the selected brightness level). 99 is the equivalent of full brightness in Z-Wave terms.

Values: 0 – 99. Default: 99.

Size: 1 byte dec

Enable / Disable Motion Reports

Parameter 2: Enable or disable motion reports completely. If motion sensor is disabled, the device will not report motion at all to your hub.

Values: 0 – motion reports disabled; 1 – motion reports enabled (default).

Size: 1 byte dec

Motion Sensitivity

Parameter 3: Set motion sensitivity for the motion detector to minimize false alerts.

Values: 1 – 10 where 10 is the most sensitive and 1 is the least sensitive.

Size: 1 byte dec

Lux Level Trigger

Parameter 4: Set the lux level trigger. If brightness level is lower than the set lux value, the sensor will send a motion event notification to the hub and a basic set report devices associated in Group 2.

Values: 0 – lux trigger set manually at the lux knob; 1 – lux trigger ignored, every motion event is reported; 10 – 900 (lux). Default: 0.

Size: 2 byte dec


Parameter 8: READ ONLY. Read the values for the lux trigger knob set physically at the sensor.

Values: 10; 50; 100; 200; 300; 900 lux (at T position / test mode).

Size: 2 byte dec


Parameter 6: Set the reporting frequency for the light sensor.

Values: 1 – 1440 (minutes). Default: 30.

Size: 2 byte dec

Motion Clear Time

Parameter 5: Set the amount of time the sensor will wait before reporting no motion after the last recorded activity.

Values: 0 – set manually at the timer knob; 5 – 720 seconds (add 5 seconds to entered value so if value is set to 10, the actual clear time is 15 seconds, etc). Default: 0.

Size: 2 byte dec


Parameter 7: READ ONLY. Read the values for the timer (motion clear) knob set physically at the sensor.

Values: 5 (at T position / test mode); 30; 60; 300; 600; 720 (seconds).

Size: 2 byte dec


How to Access the Advanced Settings:




Home Assistant


If you have any questions about adjusting advanced settings in your hub, please get in touch. We introduced many new settings with VER. 2.0 of the sensor which required a hardware update as well so unfortunately a VER. 1.0 sensor cannot be upgraded to 2.0 through an OTA firmware update.

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