How to Access Advanced Settings for My Power Strip on SmartThings

As of October 2018, two custom device handlers are required to add the Power Strip correctly and access the device's advanced settings. 

You'll need the SmartThings Classic app to access the Power Strip's advanced settings, like customizing report frequencies and adjusting on/off status recovery after power failure. As the device's integration is currently in progress, you'll only be able to take advantage of these settings using the Classic app, not the newer SmartThings app. 

If you haven't added handlers before, the process is straightforward and only takes 5 minutes. You'll need to add 2 custom device handlers for the Power Strip - one general and one for a child device: 

1. Exclude the Power Strip and log in here with the same information you use for your SmartThings app.
2. Click on My Device Handlers in the top menu.
3. In the top right corner, click on "Create new device handler" and choose "from code" from the top tab menu. You'll be presented with a blank area where you can paste the code from the following link. Please click on this link to access the code for the first handler and this link to get the code for the second handler (you'll have to go through all of the steps when adding the second handler), then copy ALL of the code from the page.
4. Next, scroll to the bottom and click Create.
5. Now click Save, then click Publish > For Me.

You should see this device type in your list of device handlers.

Now add the Power Strip to your system using the steps here (ignore the first half about custom handlers since you've already added those. 

Once the handlers are installed and the strip is included to your SmartThings network, click on the Power Strip in your app and click on the gear icon in the top right corner to access the device's advanced settings.

If you're having issues during the handler installation process or anything else, let us know! We'll be happy to help. 

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  • 11-Oct-2018