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How to Perform an OTW Firmware Update on Your ZST39 800 Long Range Z-Wave Stick
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Please note these instructions are for the Zooz ZST39 800 Long Range Z-Wave Stick only and cannot be applied to any other brand of Z-Wave stick or to the 500/700 series version of the ZST10. If you're not sure which version you have, please get in touch with our support first. 

These instructions apply to the ZST39 800 product only. Please double-check check the back of your device has ZST39 800 printed on it. If you're looking for guidance on how to update your other Zooz devices, please read the article here. Note that the ZST39 800 Z-Wave stick is intended for expert Z-Wave users only that are comfortable with at least basic programming and have plenty of experience with Z-Wave technology. Do NOT update your Z-Wave stick unless absolutely needed. This is a static controller with a crucial function to your network. Only perform the update when you're 100% confident you have the right environment including the correct firmware file. If power is interrupted at any point during the update, the device will be bricked. 

 Please note that Z-Wave sticks bricked during a firmware update are not covered under warranty and cannot be serviced. Get in touch with us if you experience issues with firmware updates and we'll be happy to assist you!  


 What you'll need: 

  • The Zooz 800 series Z-Wave Stick ZST39 US (North American) Z-Wave frequency
    • Please verify the firmware on the stick prior to updating. PC Controller will show the truncated version of the firmware, so please use your home automation software to verify the full firmware version before proceeding.
  • The latest version of Home Assistant software or a laptop or PC with at least 1 available USB port and Windows OS. Always use the update file provided by Zooz (download 2 steps below). 
  • The latest version of Home Assistant software or the PC Controller software: download Simplicity Studio here, you may need to register an account with Silicon Labs first, then install Simplicity Studio and follow the instructions here. Please note you'll need a Windows OS to run the software.
  • The update firmware file: download it here and remember to unzip the file first. Note that this file can only be used for North American frequency devices, do NOT apply if you have a device from a different region. If you purchased your Z-Wave stick on or after June 2023, it's already on the latest version so do not attempt an update. 
  • You need to make sure that the Z-Wave stick will be constantly powered during the update. Do NOT use a USB extension during a firmware update. If power is interrupted at any point, either by a hardware reboot or any other action, the stick will be bricked and it will not qualify for warranty service.


How to update your Z-Wave stick ZST39 800 directly from Home Assistant (AT YOUR OWN RISK, USE PC CONTROLLER FOR THE RECOMMENDED METHOD):

  NOTE: We received some reports from users the firmware update process on Home Assistant does not always completes and results in bricking the stick. Please only update the Z-Wave stick when absolutely needed and note that Z-Wave sticks bricked during a firmware update are not covered under device warranty and cannot be serviced.  

While  you can now update your Z-Wave stick directly from the Home Assistant software, please note it is not recommended for OTW updates for Z-Wave sticks. Proceed at your own risk; devices bricked by failed OTW updates via Home Assistant are not covered under warranty.


If you choose to update via Home Assistant, click on the Z-Wave stick under Devices in your Home Assistant interface, click UPDATE in the Device info tile and follow the prompts on the screen to complete the update.

Watch this video to see how it works.


How to update your Z-Wave stick ZST39 800 using PC Controller (RECOMMENDED):

  1. Please make sure you've installed the Simplicity Studio software above and have the PC Controller tool installed and ready for the update. Make sure you are logged in to Simplicity Studio in order to install the PC Controller tool.
  2. Please download the OTW firmware file and remember to unzip the file first. Remember the folder you saved it in, you'll need it in step 7.
  3. Insert the Z-Wave USB stick to a USB port on your computer
  4. Start the PC Controller software
  5. Click on Settings (the gear icon in the top right corner) 
  6. Check the recognized USB controller on the list in the dialog window. If there's nothing there, click DETECT and then REFRESH. If the USB stick still doesn't show up, you may need to install special drivers so please contact the manufacturer of the device for instructions.
  7. Click on OTW Firmware Update 
  8. A dialog window will open for you to choose the firmware file. Locate the unzipped firmware file you downloaded in step 1 and select it. Continue to update.
  9. The update will then begin automatically, wait for the progress bar to indicate completion. 
  10. Once complete, the new firmware version will display in the device information under Network Management.



If you encounter an error during the update, please make sure you're updating a ZST39 800 stick. If you have ZST39 800 printed on the back and are still experiencing issues, please reach out to our team, we're here to help!

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