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How to Perform an OTA Firmware Update on Zooz Devices in Home Assistant
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Home Assistant offers a simple way to update the firmware of your Zooz devices!

If you're looking to update the ZST10 700 stick specifically, you'll need to follow the instructions found here instead: How to Perform an OTA Firmware Update on Your ZST10 700 Z-Wave Stick.


Ensure you are running the new ZWaveJS integration of Home Assistant, and simply follow the steps below to update your Zooz devices within Home Assistant:


1. Please register your devices on our Product Registration Portal, which gives direct access to firmware files.


2. Unzip the firmware file once you're ready to update.


3. Next, go to the device details in the HA interface.  Click on CONFIGURE DEVICE and select Update Device Firmware option.

  • If you are updating a battery powered device, please manually wake the device, following the device-specific wake-up instructions found in the device manual.


4. Follow the prompts on the screen to upload the file and begin the update. 


6.  The update starts.  During update installation, you’ll be presented with the update’s progress.


7.  Once the update is complete, please exclude and re-include the device again.  It will get a new node number in ZwaveJS, and the updated firmware version will display under device details.



Please let us know if you have any questions; we're happy to help!

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