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My ZEN73 700 Series On/Off Toggle Switch is Offline in Hubitat
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A Network Repair can help improve communication between Hubitat and your ZEN73 switch if it is showing “offline” in Hubitat.

See if your Hubitat platform is updated to the latest version before performing a Z-Wave Network Repair. It’s an easy process to repair your network connections in Hubitat.


Here are the steps for the repair:

  1. Open Hubitat in your Internet browser

  2. Go to Settings

  3. Click on Z-Wave Details

  4. Click on Repair Z-Wave

Once you’ve completed the process, a "Z-Wave Network Repair finished" message should confirm the repair was successful. You can then give inclusion another try.


If your switch is still having trouble connecting, try these tips:

  • You may need to exclude the switch before adding it to your hub again. Configuration between the hub and the ZEN73 may not have finalized during the first try. Exclusion will help improve communication between the switch and hub.

  • Another non-battery powered Z-Wave device, or dedicated signal repeater, might need to be added between the switch and hub. This will extend the Z-Wave signal range and could help the hub form a faster communication route to the switch. After adding the device, you’ll need to run another Z-wave repair to form the new route.

  • You could also try installing the switch closer to the hub. The ZEN73’s current location could be out of range, limiting the hub’s communication with it. After relocating the switch, you’ll need to remove the device from the hub, and re-add it from the new location for the communication route to be recognized.

Let us know if your ZEN73 is still having difficulties connecting to and communicating with your Hubitat hub.

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