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How to Add Your ZEN73 700 Series On/Off Toggle Switch to Hubitat
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Follow these instructions to add the new 700 series ZEN73 On/Off Toggle Switch to your Hubitat.


  1. Open Hubitat in your Internet browser

  2. Go to Devices

  3. Click on Discover Devices in the top right corner

  4. Click on Z-Wave

  5. Click on Start Z-Wave Inclusion

  6. While the app says is in inclusion mode, toggle the switch up 3 times as quickly as possible

    • The LED indicator will blink blue to show signal communication, turn green for 3 seconds once inclusion is successful, or red for 3 seconds if inclusion fails.

    • If you're using the new C7 hub, it may ask you to enter the unique 5-digit DSK code: look for it in the lower left corner on the front metal plate of the switch.

    • On C7, if choosing the security level, you can either leave it at the S2 Authenticate level or uncheck all security boxes (this device supports S2 Authenticated or non-secure inclusion only).

  7. Rename and confirm the found device

    • Once the device is added, if it's not included with the correct device type, you can manually change it to Zooz Central Scene Switch, by selecting "Type" under "Device Information" and update the product.

Reach out to us if your switch is having trouble being added to your hub, or if you have any other questions!

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