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Can't Add My ZEN73 700 Series On/Off Toggle Switch to Hubitat
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Not able to include the ZEN73 to Hubitat? It's time to try exclusion!

Removing the switch from your hub is possible, even if it’s never been added. An “unknown” device will be excluded and you can then try to include it again. Just make sure your Hubitat is running on the latest version first.


Then try these steps for exclusion with your ZEN73:

  1. Open Hubitat in your Internet browser

  2. Go to Devices

  3. Click on Discover Devices in the top right corner

  4. Click on Z-Wave

  5. Click on Start Z-Wave Exclusion

  6. While the device is searching for a device, toggle the switch DOWN 3 times as quickly as possible

  7. The app will indicate when the device is successfully excluded.

Once the hub confirms a device was removed, try following these steps to connect the ZEN73 Toggle Switch to Hubitat.


If your ZEN73 switch is still having trouble, try some of these helpful tips:

  • In case the switch didn't exclude on the first try, give the exclusion steps another chance.

  • When you try to include the units, instead of toggling up 3 times, try toggling up 4-5 times as quickly as possible to make sure the command is being sent.

  • In case your ZEN73 is out of range or the hub is having trouble reaching out, add a Z-Wave signal repeater (or any non-battery powered Z-Wave device) nearby to resolve any connectivity issues. This will solve any issues of range and you can then use a hand-held secondary controller, like a Z-stick, to include the ZEN73 to the hub.    

  • The switch may connect to the hub but not react to any Z-Wave commands. If this happens, please take a look at these connectivity troubleshoots that have helped users in the past.

We’re always available to help if your ZEN73 switch is still having trouble – please contact us!

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