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ZSE42 Water Leak XS Sensor Change Log
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Here is a list of the changes and updates we made to the ZSE42 Water Leak XS Sensor so far.

VER. 1.10

Original release.

  • 700 Series Z-Wave Chip
  • 1 CR2032 battery (included)

Firmware: 1.10

  • Adjustable settings for quick and reliable leak reporting

  • SmartStart + S2 Authenticated Security supported

VER. 1.20 (released 9/2021 as OTA)

Firmware: 1.20

  • Modified battery reporting patterns to produce more accurate readings

VER. 1.30 (released 10/2021)

Firmware: 1.30

  • Improved battery reporting behavior

VER. 1.40 (released 8/2022)

Firmware: 1.40

  • Removed parameter 2 and limited battery reports based only on time intervals (12 hours) to minimize reporting

  • Reduced reports are produced when the ACK message is not received from the hub

VER. 1.50 (released 4/2023 as OTA file)

Firmware: 1.50

  • Data packets changed to 5-byte to help address inclusion, range or secure inclusion issues

  • Fixed Bug: Issues with battery status display when added using S2 authenticated security on select platforms

VER. 800LR (released 11/2023)

Hardware: 2.0

  • 800 Series Z-Wave chip
  • 1x CR2450 battery included (vs CR2032 on ZSE42 700)
  • IP 66 rating
  • New dimensions (ZSE42 800LR: 2.4" x 1.4" x 0.4" vs ZSE42 700 size: 1.9” x 1” x 0.3”) to accommodate new waterproof design
  • The battery cover opens with the included round tool on the ZSE42 800LR to accommodate the waterproof design

Firmware: 2.0

  • Based on the 1.50 firmware
  • Long Range ready


Your Water Leak Sensor can be updated via OTA firmware updates. You can access all firmware files here after you register your product and create an account here. Questions? Just reach out to our tech support team.

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