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ZSE42 Water Leak XS Sensor Advanced Settings
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Here is a full list of advanced settings (parameters) for the ZSE42 XS Water Leak Sensor:

LED Indicator

Parameter 1: Decide if you'd like the LED indicator blink continuously when water is detected for visual alerts.
Values: 0 – LED indicator won’t blink when the sensor detects water;  1 – LED indicator will blink continuously when water is detected (default).
Size: 1 byte dec


Leak Alert Clear Delay

Parameter 2: Decide how long the sensor will wait before sending a "dry" report to your hub after water is no longer detected.
Values: 0-3600 (seconds). Default: 0 (no delay).
Size: 4 byte dec


Battery Reporting

Parameter 3: Set the threshold for battery reporting.
Values: 1-50 (%). Default: 10
Size: 1 byte dec


Parameter 4: Decide when the sensor should report low battery to the hub.
Values: 10-50 (% battery life). Default: 20
Size: 1 byte dec


Basic Set Commands

Parameter 5: Decide if and when the sensor sends Basic Set commands are sent to the hub and Group 2.
Values: 0 – basic set commands not sent at all;  1 – Basic Set 255 (0xFF) for ON sent when water is detected, Basic Set 0 (0x00) for OFF sent when water is not detected (default);  2 – Basic Set 0 (0x00) for OFF sent when water is detected, Basic Set 255 (0xFF) for ON sent when water is not detected.
Size: 1 byte dec


The Zooz ZSE42 800LR sensor supports the following command classes:

  • Z-Wave Plus Info V2
  • Configuration V4
  • Association V3
  • Multi Channel Association V4
  • Association Group Information V3
  • Transport Service V2
  • Version V3
  • Manufacturer Specific V2
  • Device Reset Locally V1
  • Power Level V1
  • Security 2 V1
  • Supervision V1
  • Firmware Update Meta Data V5
  • Battery V1
  • Indicator V3
  • Sensor Binary V2
  • Notification V8
  • Wake Up V2


Remember to click the Z-Wave button 4 times quickly to wake the sensor up after updating the settings. Your Water Leak Sensor can be updated via OTA firmware updates. You can access all firmware files here after you register your product and create an account here. Questions? Just reach out to our tech support team.

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