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How to Add Your ZEN76 S2 Switch 700 to SmartThings
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Ready to add your new 700 series ZEN76 Switch to your Z-Wave network? Let's do it!

To access all of the advanced settings available for the S2 700 Switch, you'll want to install the custom device handler with the steps found here.


With the handler installed, your ZEN76 should pair without a problem:


  1. Tap the plus icon in the home screen
  2. Tap Device
  3. Tap "Scan nearby" (in the corner of the screen)
  4. While the app says "Scanning...", tap the UPPER paddle 3 times as quickly as possible
    • The LED indicator should flash in blue to confirm it has signal communication. Once paired, it will flash green 3 times. If inclusion fails, it will flash red 3 times.
  5. The app will indicate when the device connects
  6. Tap Edit to rename the device, and tap Done to save the name
  7. Tap Done to complete the setup

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