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How to Program Your ZEN34 Remote Switch on Hubitat
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After you've added and assigned the correct device type to your Remote Switch, you'll be able to program the paddles to control other devices or scenes. Here is an introduction to the process. 

At the moment, you'll only be able to use the button controller features of the device since direct association is not available on Hubitat yet. The platform only supports a single or double press, held, and released triggers for buttons so the documented 3, 4, or 5-taps won't be exposed in Hubitat.

The easiest way to program the Remote Switch is with the Rule Machine app:

  • Click on Apps in the side menu
  • Click on "+ Add Built-in App" in the top right corner
  • Select Rule Machine
  • Click on the Rule Machine app under Apps now that you've added it
  • Click on Create New Rule
  • Enter a name for the rule
  • Click on Select Trigger Events: Click to set
  • Under Select capability for new Event Trigger, select Button
  • Under Button Device: Click to set, select the Remote Switch (as you named it) and click Update
  • Enter the Button number you'd like to use as trigger where button 1 refers to the upper paddle and button 2 refers to the lower paddle on the Remote Switch
  • Select the button trigger under Button pushed/held/doubleTapped/released
  • Click on Done with this Trigger Event
  • Add any more triggers or conditions to the automation and click on Done with Trigger Events
  • Click on Select Actions to Run: Click to set and follow the prompts on the screen to select the devices or scenes you would like to control with your button trigger
  • Click Done once you've completed programming all of the actions
  • Wake the Remote Switch up by clicking the upper paddle 7 times quickly (the LED indicator will remain solid blue for 30 seconds or until you press any of the paddles)


Do you have any more questions about programming the Remote Switch on Hubitat? Please reach out to us and we'll be happy to help!

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