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How to Add Your ZEN34 Remote Switch to Hubitat
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The ZEN34 Remote Switch is officially integrated with Hubitat so it will work, but may have some limitations. 

You won't be able to program direct associations for the Remote Switch since Hubitat doesn't expose these settings in the interface. The device's advanced settings can only be accessed once you download the custom device driver. Without the driver, you'll still be able to use the device as a button controller with basic Hubitat support to use the single tap (pressed), double tap, held, and released triggers that can be programmed in the Rule Machine app.


Here is how to join and configure your Remote Switch with your hub once the driver is installed:

  1. Open Hubitat in your Internet browser

  2. Go to Devices

  3. Click on Discover Devices in the top right corner

  4. Click on Z-Wave

  5. Click on Start Z-Wave Inclusion

  6. While the app says is in inclusion mode, tap the upper paddle of the switch 6 times as quickly as possible (the LED indicator will start blue and will turn green to confirm inclusion)

  7. Rename and confirm the found device.


If your Remote Switch won’t pair with Hubitat, try excluding the device first. The process can help with a variety of configuration issues before you try to connect it again.


Still having issues? Just reach out to us for help!

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