Can't Add My ZSE40 4-in-1 Sensor to SmartThings

You'll need to add the sensor's custom device handler to successfully recognize the device and configure it in your SmartThings network.

Whether you're using the Classic app or the newer app, exclusion is the next step. Exclusion is a type of reset that helps with most configuration issues. Even if your sensor was never included to SmartThings, you can still exclude the device. Here's how to do it: 

For the new SmartThings app:

  1. Tap on your hub in the home page of the app 
  2. Tap the three dots in the top right
  3. Tap Z-Wave Utilities 
  4. Tap Z-Wave Exclusion
  5. While the app is searching for a device, press and release the Z-Wave button TWICE quickly with a paperclip
  6. The app will indicate when the device is successfully removed. Tap Done

For the SmartThings Classic App: 

  1. Tap the menu icon in your SmartThings app
  2. Tap Hub is online
  3. Tap Z-Wave Utilities
  4. Tap General Device Exclusion
  5. The app will show this message: “Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions to remove the Z-Wave device from My SmartThings.” There will also be a spinning circle next to the message “Exclusion Mode Active”
  6. On your sensor, press and release the Z-Wave button TWICE quickly with a paperclip
  7. The app will confirm device exclusion
  8. Tap Done

Once exclusion is completed, try including the sensor again using the procedure listed here. If you're still unable to include your sensor after exclusion, here are some other potential solutions:

  • Try the exclusion process again! Sometimes commands from the first run aren't registered correctly, so it's worth trying. 
  • When including the sensor, make sure the battery cover is tightly closed! 
  • Try the inclusion process again, only this time instead of pressing the Z-Wave button twice, press it 6-7 times as quickly and as firmly as possible.
  • Bring the sensor closer to the hub if you were at a large distance before, then exclude and re-include the unit from the new spot. If it adds without issue, it's possible the previous spot was out of range. 
  • Double check that the battery inside the device is positioned and oriented correctly - we know it sounds unlikely, but trust us, this has solved the issue before! 

But if you're still seeing issues with the exclusion/inclusion process no matter what you try, please reach out to us!

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  • 12-Jun-2020