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ZEN20 Power Strip Change Log
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Here are the changes and improvements we made to the ZEN20 model so far.

VER. 1.0 (released 7/2017)

Original release.

  • No mounting screw holes, straight plug

Firmware: 20.15

  • No advanced settings, no power monitoring, no status recovery after power failure (defaults to off)

VER. 2.0 (released 11/2018)


  • Added mounting screw holes
  • Added angled plug
  • Reduced cord length to 2 feet
  • Added power monitoring (W and kWh only)
  • Added on/off USB reports to the hub

Firmware: 1.0

  • Added S2 security
  • Added OTA firmware updates
  • Added on/off status recovery after power failure
  • Added built-in turn-on and turn-off timer for each outlet
  • Added advanced settings for LED Indicators, manual control, power monitoring, and behavior after power outage

VER. 2.01 (released 12/2018)

Firmware: 2.0

  • Added a workaround for multi-channel inclusion for SmartThings

VER. 2.02 (released as OTA file 8/2019)

Firmware: 2.02

  • Reduced USB port on/off and power monitor reporting frequency to 30 seconds minimum
  • Added the option to disable power reports for individual outlets and disable on/off reports from USB ports

VER. 2.03


  • Added A and V reports to the power meter (older versions can't be upgraded to 2.03 due to this hardware difference)

Firmware: 2.03

VER. 3.0


  • Enhanced protection against high inrush current from low quality power adapters

Firmware: 3.0

  • Based on the 2.03 firmware from version 2.0 hardware


If your ZEN20 is VER. 2.0 or higher, you can update it via OTA firmware updates to version 2.02, here is how to do that. You can access all firmware files here once you register your product and create an account here. Questions? Just reach out to our support!

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