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ZEN22 Dimmer Change Log

Here is a list of the changes and upgrades we made to the ZEN22 model so far.

VER. 1.0 (released 6/2016)

Original release.

  • Included screwless wall plate
  • Did NOT include neutral jumper
  • Did NOT include 3-way functionality (single pole only)

Firmware: 20.16

  • No advanced settings available

VER. 2.0 (released 6/2017)


  • Removed wall plate
  • Added neutral jumper
  • Added Direct 3-way solution
  • Added logo on paddle

Firmware: 20.15

  • Added advanced settings for paddle control and LED indicator mode

VER. 2.01 (released 12/2017)


  • Removed logo from paddle

Firmware: 20.15

  • Added a setting to enable/disable LED indicator
  • Added communication signaling from LED indicator (blinks when in inclusion/exclusion mode)

VER. 2.02 (released 4/2018)

Firmware: 1.06

  • Added OTA firmware updates
  • Added ramp rate control (slow / fast only)

VER. 2.03 (released 10/2018)

Firmware: 1.07

  • Added double-tap from off to full brightness
  • Added a setting to control status after power failure

VER. 3.0 (released 3/2019)


  • Updated back cover for easier installation (larger terminal holes)
  • Added foam to packaging

Firmware: 3.0

  • Changed association settings to send separate reports for manual and Z-Wave control
  • Added S2 security
  • Added the ability to switch between LED modes with 6 quick clicks
  • Added Built-in Timer
  • Added full ramp rate control
  • Added minimum and maximum brightness level settings
  • Added double-tap from on to full / maximum brightness
  • Added the ability to reset the switch to factory settings from the device directly
  • Added the ability to control load by pressing any of the paddles

VER. 3.01 (released 6/2019)


  • Made the LED indicator smaller
  • Terminal screws arrive loose (unscrewed) for easier installation

Firmware: 3.01

  • Added scene control
  • Added double-tap behavior control
  • Added the ability to disable local control

VER. 3.02 (released as OTA only 6/2019)

Firmware: 3.02

  • Reduced manual control delay related to scene control functionality

VER. 3.03 (released 8/2019)

Firmware: 3.03

  • Extended manual dimming time (from 0 to 100% with paddle press-and-hold) to 4 seconds and added a setting to customize the dimming speed

VER. 3.04 (released as OTA only 9/2019)

Firmware: 3.04

  • Added a setting to match Z-Wave ramp rate with physical ramp rate

VER. 3.05 (released 3/2020)


  • Changed shade of white on paddles to match standard Leviton color for wall plates and wall switches

Firmware: 3.05

  • Added custom brightness setting
  • Added 3-way switch type setting to use momentary switches (like the ZAC99) in 3-way, 4-way, or 5-way set-ups without configuration limitations and with the ability to dim the light manually from each location

VER. 3.07 (released as OTA only 3/2020)

Firmware: 3.07

  • Added a setting to change switch behavior with disabled manual control
  • Added night mode brightness: press and hold the lower paddle for a second to turn the light to low brightness

VER. 4.0 (released 9/2020)


  • Removed side heat sink tabs

Firmware: 4.0

  • Changed the button sequence for enabling smart bulb mode (aka disabling the relay / physical control) to 4-down-and-hold (tap the lower paddle down-down-down-down'n'hold)

VER. 4.01 (released 10/2020 as OTA)

Firmware: 4.01

  • Changed power outage behavior in smart bulb mode
  • Applied timers to status reports in smart bulb mode
  • Changed the setting for Z-Wave ramp rate to automatically match the physical ramp rate (Parameter 17 set to default value 0)
  • Applied the ramp rate settings to Z-Wave triggered brightness transitions (multilevel changes)
  • Improved single-tap and long-tap timing for scene control triggers


If your version of the dimmer can be updated via OTA firmware updates, you can request a firmware update file here, don't forget to include your order number for verification!

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