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How to Add Your ZSE19 Multisiren to SmartThings
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The Multisiren can be added via auto or manual inclusion so make sure you follow the right steps!

The ZSE19, like most Zooz devices, is officially integrated with SmartThings, so you'll be able to control it remotely out of the box. However, we recommend you install a custom device handler for access to the advanced settings. If your ZSE19 is displaying the wrong temperature when included with the built-in handler, the temporary solution is to use the custom device handler while we work with SmartThings to have the display issue resolved!


With the handler installed, go ahead with auto-including or manually including your Multisiren to SmartThings:



  1. Tap the plus icon in the home screen

  2. Tap Device

  3. Tap "Scan nearby" (in the corner of the screen)

  4. While the app says "Scanning..." insert the four batteries, making sure they're oriented correctly

  5. After a few seconds, the new siren should appear in the app. Rename it if needed and return to the home page

Manually include:

  1. Tap the plus icon in the home screen

  2. Tap Device

  3. Tap "Scan nearby" (in the corner of the screen)

  4. While the app says "Scanning...", click the Z-Wave button 3 times as quickly as possible

  5. The app will indicate when the device connects

  6. Tap Edit to rename the device, and tap Done to save the name

  7. Tap Done to complete the setup

Once the ZSE19 Multisiren is included, perform network repair to optimize connectivity. This will help SmartThings find the best communication route to the device. Here's how to repair the network.

If you're having issues including your siren to SmartThings, we'd recommend excluding it using these steps and trying the inclusion process again.

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