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ZST39 Long Range USB Stick FAQs
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Frequently Asked Questions About the ZST39 Long Range USB Stick

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Please note: this device is for expert users only and comes with basic hardware support only. It does not include any tech support for the home automation software or host hardware you decide to pair it with.


ZST39 USB Stick Z-Wave Long Range ZST39


How many Z-Wave sticks should I buy? I have a very large home.

  • You should only need to buy one, unless you intend to split control for devices by floor / level.
  • The range will depend on the specific structure of your home, as well as how many signal repeating (non-battery powered) devices you have and how the Z-Wave mesh is structured. With the 800 series chip, you'll have more signal coverage and improved performance even without the Long-Range capability.
  • With long range compatible devices, you could have a range of up to 1-mile.

How do I install the ZST39 USB Stick?

  • Connect the 800 Series Z-Wave Long Range Stick to a USB port on your PC, laptop, or Raspberry Pi.

  • Use it with your choice of home automation software, including Home Assistant with JS Z-Wave integration, Indigo, and HomeSeer.

    • Follow the instructions for your software provider as the set-up may be different depending on the interface and operating system.

    • Note: this product is designed for expert users only and requires at least basic knowledge of programming.

  • Home automation software is required to control and configure your Z-Wave network.

  • Z-Wave product compatibility will depend on the software you choose so we recommend installing an open and proven smart home system with your 800 Series Z-Wave Long Range Stick for best results.

  • We recommend using the device on a USB extension, as per Home Assistant recommendations.

What is the operating temperature of the ZST39?

  • 14-104° F

What are the dimensions of the ZST39? How big is the device?

  • 2" x 0.8" x 0.3"

Can the ZST39 be installed outdoors?

  • NO.

What is the wireless range of the stick?

  • Up to 1 mile in open space with Long Range enabled.
  • Environments with a lot of glass or metal elements, large furniture, and thick walls can also be very disruptive to Z-Wave signals.

What is the warranty coverage for my ZST39 Stick?

Where can I find the ZST39 device manual?


NOTE: Do NOT perform NVM backup from 500 series or 700 series Z-Wave sticks for this device, this feature is currently not supported and will brick the product 


Can I back up my 500 or 700 series network and import it on to the ZST39?

  • To our best knowledge, moving from one series Z-Wave controller to another typically requires the exclusion of all devices, and re-inclusion of all devices on the new controller. If moving from 700 to 700 for example, PC Controller Tool's built in back up method works, but 700 to 800 won't work to the best of our knowledge.

Is there some way to force modules to remove neighbor nodes, specifically after excluding a node and some keep the old node as a neighbor, even after doing a neighbor update?

  • The ZST39 is simply a stick with a Z-Wave chip in it; routing and compatibility are dependent on the smart home software used in conjunction with the stick. If the devices are retaining neighbor nodes, you may need to factory reset them before including.


Do I need a Z-Wave hub to buy this device?

  • The ZST39 USB Stick will act as the hub hardware for your smart home network, however it is just a piece of hardware with a Z-Wave chip in it. It needs to be used in conjunction with an open-source software, such as Home Assistant with JS Z-Wave integration, Indigo, or HomeSeer.

What home automation software is compatible with the ZST39?

  • Z-Wave product compatibility will depend on the software you choose so we recommend installing an open and proven smart home system with your 800 Series Z-Wave Long Range Stick for best results.

How does Z-Wave Long Range work compared to a regular Z-Wave network?

How do I update the firmware of my ZST39 Stick?

  • Only update the firmware when absolutely necessary. We recommend using the PC Controller tool on the Simplicity Studio Software as described here. You will need to register your device in order to have access to Zooz firmware files.
  • The firmware updates for our Z-Wave sticks are developed and provided by Silicon Labs, so any functionality regarding network backups would need to be addressed on their end. Once new firmware is available, we'll receive a file specific for our hardware and have it available with all of our other firmware.
  • The only firmware supported on the stick is the file we release directly. It is specific to the Zooz stick, and the application of unsupported firmware would void the warranty for the device.

How long does the update take? How do I know when it's finished?

  • Firmware updates should usually take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes depending on connection quality and how much information needs to actually be updated on a given device.
    • If it is taking longer than that, please try to bring the hub / controller closer to the device that is being updated.

My Z-Wave stick bricked during a firmware update, why?

Where can I find the history of changes and firmware updates for the ZST39?

What series Z-Wave chip does the ZST39 Stick use?

  • The ZST39 uses an 800 series Z-Wave chip.

Is the ZST39 Stick available in other Z-Wave frequencies?

  • The ZST39 is currently available in 908.42 MHz (US, CA, MX) and 868.42 MHz (EU) (no Z-Wave Long Range) frequencies.

Check out the Zooz Knowledge Base for free support articles about the ZST39 USB Stick (and all of our devices)! If you can't find your answer there, reach out to us!

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