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ZEN31 RGBW Dimmer FAQs
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Frequently Asked Questions About the ZEN31 RGBW Dimmer

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Can device be installed outdoors?

  • No. The ZEN31 is rated for indoor use only.

What kind of power supply does the ZEN31 need? Can I use this in a 120V installation?

  • 12 / 24 V DC (Do NOT connect to 120 V AC)
  • The RGBW Dimmer cannot be powered by any type of dimmable transformer. 
    • Since the ZEN31 is a dimming device, connecting it to another dimmable device could cause one or both devices to be damaged. The ZEN31 needs a constant voltage power supply, that is not dimmable. 

What is the operating temperature of the device?

  • 32-104° F (0-40° C)

What is the maximum rating of the ZEN31?

  • 10 A TOTAL between all channels (6 A per channel max); 120 W total at 12 V DC / 240 W total at 24 V DC

What is the PWM Frequency of the ZEN31?

  • 244 Hz

What are the dimensions of the device? How big is the device?

  • 1.67" x 1.5" x 0.7"
  • Weight: 2 oz

What kind of LED strips do you recommend using with the ZEN31?

  • Any 3 or 4 channel LED strip within the electrical specs for the ZEN31 will work great or you can use this dimmer with strips even without the W channel. We also recommend paying attention to the white channel, since some strips only come with one temperature for white while others offer a wider range. Here's more information about this: Single Color LED Strip.
  • We would recommend getting a name brand fixture and avoiding the cheaper varieties to get a reliable solution, since there are a lot of options available. You can find a few options other users have reported work well with the ZEN31 here: Recommended Accessories for Your ZEN31 RGBW Dimmer

Can I use the ZEN31 with a single color LED Strip?

  • Yes.

Can I use tunable or addressable LED strips with the ZEN31?

  • No. The ZEN31 RGBW Controller doesn't support addressable / tunable LEDs.

What kind of wall switch can I use with the ZEN31?

  • We recommend using the ZEN31 with the ZAC99 momentary switch which is one-paddle only and works in sequence so you don't need to worry about the wall switch going out of sync.

Can I use multiple ZEN31 together on the same power supply?

  • You can use a single power supply for 2 of the ZEN31 but they would need to be rated for the amount of power the connected LED strips are using +10 or 15% cushion since many LED manufacturers underreport the actual power use in their marketing.

Can I use the ZEN31 to power on and off a 12V DC fan?

What is the warranty coverage for the ZEN31?

Where can I find the device manual for the ZEN31? Where can I find a wiring diagram for the ZEN31?


Will the ZEN31 act as a signal repeater for other Z-Wave devices in my network?

  • Yes. The ZEN31 is constantly powered so it will act as a signal repeater for other Z-Wave devices. Your Z-Wave hub decides which devices to use to reach other Z-Wave devices. Any non-battery powered Z-Wave device will act as a signal repeater; it would be up to your hub whether or not it will be used in a communication route.

What security level does the ZEN31 pair to my controller or hub with?

  • The ZEN31 is a 500 series device, and the highest level of security it supports is S2 Unauthenticated.

What is the analog input on the ZEN31?

  • The analog input is for analog low-voltage (0-10V) sensors that will report a change of state with low voltage signal. The ZEN31 will report the change only and not actual voltage value.

Is the ZEN31 a constant current driver?

  • Yes, the LED driver in the Zen31 is a constant voltage driver.

How does the ZEN31 work with my Z-Wave controller / hub?

  • The ZEN31 gives you Z-Wave control over your LED strips, keeping the control within your existing Z-Wave app / hub instead of a different proprietary app if you chose LED strips that have their own controller which might be Wi-Fi based.
  • You can create scenes or automations to control the connected LED strip based on time of day, other device status (such as motion detected if you have Z-Wave motion sensors), or device trigger (like using a Z-Wave switch to send a command to the ZEN31).

Can a manual dimmer knob be used on IN3 to create a max brightness limit, or can the Z-Wave hub override the knob?

  • NO. You cannot connect dimmers to the ZEN31 since it's already a dimmer itself.
  • The only acceptable wall switches for this devices are simple on/off switches or momentary push button switches.
  • Wall dimmers cannot be used with any types of smart controls, including other smart dimmers, smart bulbs, smart LED strips, etc.

Can I edit the preset programs on the ZEN31?

  • No, there is no way to edit the effects of the preset programs since they're built in.

Would this work in an RV type setup controlling 12v light bulb fixtures rather than light strips?

  • Yes. As long as these are DC lights that are dimmable and the Wattage is within the ZEN31 rating, you should have no problems controlling the lights. If the lights aren't dimmable, you can use the ZEN16 MultiRelay to control up to 3 lights (groups of lights) independently. Just check if your Z-Wave hub supports the ZEN31 (or the ZEN16) since it's an advanced multichannel device.

Can a small motion sensor module be attached to one of the 4 input connections of the ZEN31 RGBW Controller to trigger the led strips to turn on?

  • While you could use a binary wired sensor as a trigger for the LED strip on the ZEN31, it would need to be based on unconditional control (to always trigger the strip), in place of a wall switch since there's only one on/off input for LED strip control per ZEN31 unless you're controlling each channel separately.
  • Additionally, the ZEN31 doesn't have the ability to display the sensor inputs as motion or other types in the hub, they would simply work as triggers and no additional devices would be created for them outside of the standard 4 RGBW channels.
  • A Z-Wave motion sensor would be needed for selective triggering and control rather than a wired input.


Do I need a Z-Wave hub to buy the ZEN31?

  • Yes, if you'd like remote control and the ability to customize colors and advanced settings. If you plan on using the optional wall switch control, then you'll be able to turn your connected LED strip load on/off/dim from the wall.
  • To control any of our Z-Wave devices remotely through your smart phone, you'll need a compatible Z-Wave hub. These devices require a central controller that communicates with them and sends commands. Once you have a controller, you would download that controller's dedicated app on your phone and control your connected devices through that app. 

Will I still be able to control the ZEN31 if my Z-Wave hub is down or offline?

  • If you're using a connected wall switch, you'll have control of your LED strip if the hub is offline.
  • If you're not using a wall switch in the installation, then you won't have control of your ZEN31 or connected load if the hub is offline.

Is the ZEN31 compatible with my hub?

Will the ZEN31 work with my alarm panel?

  • No. Alarm panels like will typically only support single switches, door locks, select thermostats, and any authorized items on their list. We would recommend reaching out to your alarm panel company to verify compatibility and to get the latest on any device integrations they may be working on. 
  • It would be up to your alarm panel to integrate the ZEN31, as it follows Z-Wave protocol and has been Z-Wave certified. There is nothing we can change on our end to have the RGBW Dimmer be recognized correctly; would have to support the integration. Read more about alarm panel compatibility here.

Where do I find all of my ZEN31's advanced settings?

How do I add the ZEN31 to my Z-Wave hub?

How can I tell what firmware my ZEN31 is running on?

  • The firmware that your device is shipped with should be printed on the back of the device where the model specifications are. If your hub supports and properly integrates the device, you should also see the firmware listed in your Z-Wave interface.
  • Firmware that is listed as 1.01 (or any other value with a 0 in the middle) in the sensor's change log may display as 1.1 in your hub.

How do I update the firmware of my ZEN31?

How long does the update take? How do I know when it's finished?

  • Firmware updates should usually take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes depending on connection quality and how much information needs to actually be updated on a given device.
    • If it is taking longer than that, please try to bring the hub / controller closer to the device that is being updated.

Where can I find the history of changes and firmware updates for the ZEN31?

What series Z-Wave chip does the device use?

  • The ZEN31 uses a 500 series Z-Wave chip. This model is soon to be discontinued.

Is the device available in other Z-Wave frequencies?

  • The ZEN31 is available in 908.42 MHz (US) frequency only. We do not currently have plans to release it in EU or AU frequency.

Check out the Zooz Knowledge Base for free support articles about the ZEN31 RGBW Dimmer (and all of our devices)! If you can't find your answer there, reach out to us!

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