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My ZEN54 0-10V Dimmer Shows Offline in Hubitat
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So you've included your ZEN54 0-10V Dimmer successfully, but it's showing as “offline" in Hubitat? This points to a range or configuration issue. Give the Z-Wave Network Repair a try!

First, always ensure your Hubitat hub is up to date on its platform version. Second, follow the simple steps below to run the Z-Wave Repair to refresh your Z-Wave mesh network connections:


  1. Open Hubitat in your Internet browser

  2. Go to Settings

  3. Click on Z-Wave Details

  4. Click on Repair Z-Wave


Once the repair is successful, you will see a "Z-Wave Network Repair finished" confirmation.  


You can also try these other troubleshooting tips with your ZEN54 0-10V Dimmer:


  • You can exclude the device and reinclude it. This ensures the hub is able to devise the best route to the ZEN54, and acts as a soft Z-Wave reset for your ZEN54.
  • Another option is to add a non-battery powered Z-Wave device, or a Z-Wave signal repeater, between the hub and relay, if you have one available. This will help improve communication between the two devices. You will need to run another Z-Wave Repair for the additional device to be recognized and used in the communication path with the ZEN54.  


Please contact us if you have any questions!

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