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My ZEN16 Multirelay is Unresponsive to My Z-Wave System
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Is your Multirelay not responding to Z-Wave commands? It may be out of range or experiencing interference.

The ZEN16 has a range of up to 150 feet (line of sight). Please remember, the range is determined by the specific structure of your home and the strength of your mesh network. Interferences like large furniture, thick walls, or metal elements can shorten range.


If you're seeing connectivity issues with your ZEN16, here's what to try:


  • If you are able to refresh your Z-Wave network, give that a try. Different hubs will call this action by different names (in SmartThings it's called Network Repair, in Vera it's called Update Neighbor Nodes, etc), but the effect should be the same. This process should help configure your network and allow the hub to find the most efficient communication route to the relay.
  • Exclude and re-include the relay closer to the hub. If you are able to include the ZEN16 successfully and it stays connected, the previous location may be out of range, or there were too many interferences in that location.
  • Try excluding and re-including the ZEN16 directly from the installation location. It's likely that the hub hasn't found the most best communication route to the device. This sometimes happens when you include a device near the hub and then move it away to be mounted. 
  • Try adding a Z-Wave signal repeater between the hub and the ZEN16. Any non-battery powered Z-Wave device acts as a signal repeater (including light switches!) If the issue is caused by interference or range, a signal repeater can help strengthen and stabilize connectivity; this especially applies to garages where there are typically more metal elements around, and that may be farther from the hub with thick walls in between. After adding the repeater, it's a good idea to refresh the network once more. 


Please let us know if your ZEN16 still has trouble connecting after trying the above troubleshooting steps! We're always here to help.

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