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There is No LED Activity and My ZSE41 Open | Close Sensor is Unresponsive
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The LED indicator for the ZSE41 Open | Close Sensor should flash for around 10 seconds once the battery tab has been removed from the device. Does the LED not flash? Is the ZSE41 unresponsive to commands? Try the steps below to resolve the issue.


First, double check that the battery is inserted in the sensor correctly, according to the positive / negative pole marks. You may need to manually adjust the battery slightly to get the sensor to respond properly.


If the ZSE41 is still unresponsive, please try a fresh lithium non-rechargeable battery to rule out any power-related issues. If the LED's flash successfully and the sensor responds well with the new battery, the issue was likely caused by a drained battery.


If you have tried the processes above and the LED is still not responsive, please try clicking the Z-Wave button 3 times as quickly as possible to force inclusion/exclusion mode in case you missed when it first flashed.


If you are seeing some LED activity, but the sensor is not responsive during wake-up, inclusion, or exclusion, you can try a factory reset for the device. This is a hard reset that will erase all previous activity from the device. Follow the instructions here to factory reset the ZSE41.


Please let us know if you need additional assistance; our team is always happy to help! 

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