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ZEN16 VS ZEN17: What's the Difference

## There is a lot of smart home potential with the Zooz relay devices - so which model should you go with? Here are the main differences between the ZEN16 MultiRelay and the ZEN17 Universal Relay: * The ZEN16 has 3 NO relay while the ZEN17 has 2 NO-C-NC relays * The switch inputs on the ZEN16 are fixed to the re…

ZEN72 VS ZEN77: What's the Difference

## Which Zooz 700 series Dimmer model should you use for your set-up? The differences for the ZEN72 and ZEN77 models are similar to those of their 500 series predecessors, the[ ZEN22 and ZEN27][1], where they are wired differently in 3-way (or larger) installations and support different loads. The **ZEN72 Dimmer** i…

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