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ZEN16 VS ZEN17: What's the Difference
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There is a lot of smart home potential with the Zooz relay devices - so which model should you go with?

Here are the main differences between the ZEN16 MultiRelay and the ZEN17 Universal Relay:

  • The ZEN16 has 3 NO relay while the ZEN17 has 2 NO-C-NC relays
  • The switch inputs on the ZEN16 are fixed to the relay outputs and you can't monitor them separately of the relays while the inputs on the ZEN17 can be separated from the relays and monitor analog binary sensors for open/close, dry/wet, etc.
  • The switch inputs on ZEN16 are dry contact only which means you can't connect any voltage to them while there are 2 types of inputs on the ZEN17: dry contact (S-C) and low voltage 12-24 V (VC-C) to use low voltage triggers
  • The ZEN16 uses the 500 series Z-Wave chip with S2 Unauthenticated security while the ZEN17 uses the 700 Series Z-Wave Chip with S2 Authenticated security


  ZEN16 ZEN17
Relays 3 NO relays 2 NO-C or NC-C relays
Inputs Dry contact only Dry contact (S-C) or low voltage 12-24V (VC-C)
Outputs Tied to inputs, can't be separated Can be separated from inputs for monitoring analog binary sensors independently of output control
Garage Doors Recommended when using wireless sensors to monitor the garage door open/close status Recommended when using wired reed sensors to monitor the garage door open/close status
Max Load Relay 1: 15 A, Relay 2: 15 A, Relay 3: 20 A NO relays: 20 A, NC Relays: 10 A
Power Supply 12 - 24 V / USB C 12 - 24 V / USB C 
Security S2 Unauthenticated S2 Authenticated
Z-Wave Chip 500 series 700 series
Signal Repeater Yes Yes
Range Up to 150 feet line of sight Up to 350 feet line of sight
Z-Wave Plus Yes Yes
Certification ETL ETL
Z-Wave Frequency 908.42 MHz (US, CA, MX) only 908.42 MHz (US, CA, MX) / 921.4 MHz (AU, NZ) / 868.42 MHz (EU) (choose your region before adding this product to cart)
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Device Manual View here View here

Please let us know if you have any other questions and we'll be happy to help!

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