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My ZEN22 Dimmer Switch Shows "Can't Detect Device" in Vera

This error may hint at a range or connectivity issue.  

Update Neighbor Nodes should be your first stop. It's a helpful feature in the Vera app that refreshes the connections between Vera and your devices. It will help Vera find the most efficient route to your switch. We'd recommend giving this a try first:

1. Use a computer to log into and select your hub.
2. From the Dashboard, select Settings
3. Select Z-Wave Settings
4. Click on the Advanced tab
5. At the bottom of the advanced tab, you'll see a GO button to run the “Update Neighbor Nodes”. The process can take several minutes or over an hour depending on the size of your Z-Wave network.

If that doesn't help, simply try excluding and re-including  the dimmer. Kind of like Update Neighbor Nodes, it's possible that Vera hasn't found the best route to communicate with the switch. Exclusion acts like a reset and may refresh the connections.  

We should also mention that if your dimmer is installed in a metal switch box, this may be weakening signal strength and may be the source of the issue. Metal is effective at blocking radio signals, and it will affect your network's range. If possible, try moving the dimmer to a plastic switch box or close to Vera temporarily to see if the metal box was the issue. 

We also recommend checking out this short troubleshoot guide about the optimal installation location and how Z-Wave range works.  

If you're still experiencing issues after trying all the above, please let us know! We'll always here to help! 

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