My ZEN21 On/Off Switch Works Manually but the Blue LED Indicator is Off

The LED indicator should go on when the switch is off and it should stay off when the switch is on by default. If it doesn't, here is what you can do.

Does your Z-Wave hub allow access to advanced settings and parameter input? If so, activating the blue LED indicator may just be a case of configuring the unit in your Z-Wave hub's app. 

If you're working with SmartThings, you'll have to install a custom device handler to enable full access to the switch's advanced settings. Once the handler is installed, here's how to enable the blue LED:

1. Click on the On/Off Switch in your Classic app
2. Tap the gear icon in the top right corner to access advanced settings
3. Change the setting to enable the LED indicator when the switch is on or off

If you're a Vera user, here's how to adjust the LED parameter settings in your Vera interface: 

1. Open your Vera online interface
2. Click on the ZEN21 On/Off Switch
3. Go to Device Options
4. Click on "Add configuration settings"
5. Put in the following:
- Variable = 2, Data Size = 1 byte dec, Desired Value = 0 (to turn LED on when switch is off - default value) or 1 (to turn LED on when switch is on)
6. Click on Save Changes

But if the above didn't help or your system doesn't allow for parameter input (like Wink or various alarm panels) and the blue LED still isn't activating, let us know! Our team is ready to help. 

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  • 09-Aug-2018