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My ZSE43 Tilt | Shock XS Sensor Shows Offline in Home Assistant
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If your ZSE43 is included to Home Assistant, but is failing to update regularly and/or is unresponsive to commands, then you may need to heal the network.

Interferences like large furniture, thick walls, or metal elements can shorten range. Even so, the range is determined by the specific structure of your home and the strength of your mesh network. If you're seeing connectivity issues, we first recommend healing your Home Assistant network. This function refreshes the connections between your hub and devices so that the hub can find the most efficient route to each device.

  1. Click on the Z-Wave Control Panel in Home Assistant
  2. Under Z-Wave Network Management, click Heal Network

If your sensor is still not connecting after healing the network, give these tips a try:

  1. Try excluding and re-including the sensor directly from your target location. It's possible that the hub hasn't found the most efficient communication route to the device; exclusion can help it form a better route.
  2. If it's still not connecting, bring the sensor closer to the hub to rule out any range issues.
  3. Rule out any power related issues by trying a fresh battery or connecting the unit with USB power. If the battery is weakened or depleted, this may cause the device to have trouble connecting with the system. After changing the battery, try excluding and re-including the device once again.

If none of the above helps, a hard reset may do the trick.

  1. Make sure the sensor is powered, click the Z-Wave button twice and hold it the third time for 10 seconds (the LED indicator will blink continuously)
  2. Immediately after, click the Z-Wave button twice more to finalize the reset. The LED indicator will flash 3 times to indicate a successful reset.


After resetting the unit, follow the same inclusion process as before. 

Still having trouble with your device? Send us a message so that we can help troubleshoot the issue.

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