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ZAC36 Valve Actuator Installation Guide
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Please follow the below steps carefully to complete the Titan Valve Actuator installation safely.

First, please check your valve to make sure it's a good fit for the Titan device:

  • Ball valve type 0.5" - 1.25" only
  • 3" clearance from the valve center to each side on the pipe
  • At least 1.25" clearance between the valve handle and the pipe
  • At least 1" clearance between the pipe and the wall


  Do NOT power, test, or add the Titan Valve Actuator to your Z-Wave hub before it's fully installed on the pipe. It needs to calibrate first to work correctly.  


Follow these steps to mount the Titan on your ball valve (scroll down for video):

  1. Always close the water valve first so that the handle is perpendicular to the pipe.
  2. Position the actuator over the valve so that the clamp fasteners are facing the same direction as the valve handle. The fork between the clamps needs to be positioned exactly above the valve screw and the clamps need to be unfastened so they can easily catch the pipe.
  3. If using a low profile valve, you may need to add the included spacer between the valve handle and the fork (only use it for low-profile valves).
  4. Once the fork is perfectly aligned with the valve handle screw, press the Titan down firmly so that the fork catches the screw and the clamps embrace the pipe. There can be some space to the sides between the fork and the screw (see the video below for detailed view).
  5. Tighten the clamp fasteners by turning them clockwise.
  6. If you'd like to use the included leak detector probe, simply connect it to the jack located next to the power supply connector. The jack will have a rubber cap on that you need to take off first. By default, the water leak probe will trigger the Titan actuator to close automatically whenever water is present.
  7. Connect the included DC power supply to the Titan's cord and plug it in to a standard 120 V receptacle. The LED indicator will start blinking green. Do NOT press the button on the actuator yet since the device is still not calibrated.
  8. IMPORTANT: Calibrate the Titan actuator once it's powered and mounted on your valve securely. Hold the Z-Wave button until you hear 2 beeps and then immediately release it so that the valve can initiate calibration. It will make a full open-close cycle while flashing and blinking. Then it will blink green twice to confirm successful calibration. It's normal that the valve handle will hit the actuator's leg and the device will wobble a little - it only happens during calibration so that the device can establish the end of the cycle. This is a touch button so don't expect any tactile feedback from it, simply place your finger on the button and hold it until 2 beeps sound. If something goes wrong and the valve starts blinking red, just remove your finger from the button and try it again a few seconds later. Do NOT touch, move, or try to stop the actuator when it's operating the valve to avoid injury.
  9. If you encounter a calibration error where the LED flashed red and the ZAC36 beeps, try forced calibration: hold the Z-Wave button until you hear 5 beeps, then tap the Z-Wave button 5 times.
  10. Once the device is calibrated, you can test it by tapping the button. It will then automatically open or close your valve. Tap the button again to revers the operation. Anytime you tap the button, a beep will sound so if it's silent and nothing happens, simply tap it again, a little more firmly.


Watch the video showing how to safely mount and install the Titan Water Valve Actuator:



Outdoor installation

If you'd like to install your Titan Valve Actuator outdoors, you will need to lock the Z-Wave button to prevent water damage to the device. Here's how to do that:

  • Hold the Z-Wave button until 3 beeps sound, then tap the button 3 times - anytime you tap the button a beep will sound so make sure you hear 3 beeps, otherwise tap again.
  • The LED indicator will start flashing yellow, then it will flash red and beep to confirm the button lock. It will then enter a pulsing yellow mode.
  • You will no longer be able to use the Z-Wave button for anything else than to disable the lock by repeating the button sequence described in the first step.


Z-Wave Inclusion

You can now add your Titan actuator to your Z-Wave hub. Each system is a little different so please click on the hub specific instructions below and if your system is not on the list, simply click on the last generic tutorial:


If at any point you need to factory reset your Titan valve, just use these instructions to complete the process.


Reach out to us if you're having any issues with the installation, we'll be happy to help!

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