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Recommended Accessories for Your ZEN30 Double Switch
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Guests in your home will be amazed with how good your ZEN30 looks with the right accessories.

We would recommend getting Leviton white wall plates, commonly found in most hardware stores, if you'd like your ZEN30 and wall plates to match.


Note: Our ZEN30 Double Switch is currently only available in white with non-interchangeable paddles.


What do I do to install the switch properly? We would recommend starting with closely reading the instructions included with your Double Switch and gathering the tools you'll need BEFORE you start the installation. Inside the box with your new switch is also a neutral jumper needed in most installs. If you decide you need more wire or wire nuts to finish your installation, then we would recommend 14 AWG, as used in most standard 120 V installations. Other basic electrical tools you should have on hand include a voltage meter and electrical pliers.


Important: The ZEN30 has a variety of installation possibilities - so it's important to make the right connections that are within the switch's rated loads. The ZEN30 Double Switch has a dimmer switch and relay button. The dimmer is rated for up to 75W of LEDs or 250W of incandescent bulbs. The dimmer switch cannot be used with tube lights, chandeliers, receptacles or fans! We also don't recommend mixing incandescent and LED bulbs in the same installation.


The relay button is rated for 15 A. This part of the switch can be used with fans or receptacles. For additional information and installation inspiration, check out our helpful guide: When Can I Use the ZEN30 Double Switch?


More information about what can or cannot be connected to Zooz switches can be found here in our Knowledge Base: General Questions about Zooz Light Switches.


Check out these guidelines to ensure your ZEN30 installation is installed correctly:

  • Review the right wiring diagram. Since the ZEN30 has two switches, that leaves room for twice as many errors if you're not careful. Make sure you're using the correct diagram found in the ZEN30 Manual when connecting the wiring for your ZEN30.
  • Determine the wiring in your switch box. What's in your switch box might not line up with our diagrams so refer to the image in this guide to make sure you're making the right wire connections before installing.
  • Check for neutral. The ZEN30, like all Zooz switches, needs to be connected to neutral to be installed. Check with us if you're not sure if there's neutral in the box.
  • Bring in a licensed electrician. Hiring a licensed professional to install your switch is recommended, especially if you're not confident with electrical installations.
  • Ask us for help. The ZEN30 is a unique switch with a lot of potential. Feel free to reach out to us if you need help with the wiring or want to see if the ZEN30 will work for your installation. Just submit a ticket with your order number so we can verify the model (Amazon order numbers work too!) and images of the wiring in each switch box so we can send the most accurate directions.


Excited to install your new ZEN30 Double Switch but still have questions? Reach out to us, we'll be happy to help!


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