ZEN16 MultiRelay Change Log

Here is a list of the changes and updates we made to the ZEN16 MultiRelay so far.

VER. 1.0 (released 12/2019)

Original release.

  • Did NOT include USB C cable

Firmware: 1.0

  • 3 switch types to choose from (on/off toggle fixed to position, on/off toggle regular, momentary)

  • Built-in timer available in minutes only

VER. 1.01 (released 1/2020 as OTA file only)

Firmware: 1.01

  • Added the ability to change timer unit to seconds or hours

VER. 1.02


  • Added USB C cable to box

Firmware: 1.02

  • Added additional switch type: garage door mode (acts as momentary contact for wall switch AND Z-Wave control, no need to set-up timers individually)
  • Added an additional mode for disabled manual control behavior (for the relay to still report on/off if the Sw input is triggered manually)

Your MultiRelay can be updated via OTA firmware updates, you can request a firmware update file here, don't forget to include your order number for verification!

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  • 17-Mar-2020