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What Devices Can I Use with My ZEN31 RGBW Dimmer?
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The RGBW Dimmer should only be used with 12-24V DC LED strips and fixtures. 

The dimmer can handle 10A total (between all channels), but it can handle up to 6A per channel. If powered by 12V DC, the module can handle up to 120W total. If powered by 24V DC, it can handle up to 240W total. Check out the device's spec sheet here.


For LED strip recommendations, please check out this article.


DON'T use the RGBW Dimmer in any of these applications:  

  • 120 VAC lighting fixtures
  • Any load powered by AC voltage
  • To control an outlet receptacle
  • To control a motor-operated appliance 
  • To control electric heaters or other heating appliances 

If you're not sure if the device you want to connect is suitable for the RGBW Dimmer, ask our team! We'll be happy to help.


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