My ZEN27 Dimmer Shows "Can't Detect Device" in Vera

Let's start by updating neighbors nodes in your Vera interface. 

This particular error message can indicate a connectivity, range, or configuration issue, so Update Neighbor Nodes can help.This is a useful feature in your Vera interface that will help Vera find the most efficient route to your dimmer after everything has been wired up. 

1. Use a computer to log into and select your hub.
2. From the Dashboard, select Settings
3. Select Z-Wave Settings
4. Click on the Advanced tab
5. At the bottom of the advanced tab, you'll see a GO button to run the “Update Neighbor Nodes”. The process can take several minutes or over an hour depending on the size of your Z-Wave network.

If that doesn't help, try excluding and re-including  the dimmer from the installation location. Just like Update Neighbor Nodes, it's possible that Vera hasn't found the best route to communicate with the device. Exclusion acts like a reset and may solve the problem.

And while it can be a pain, it may also help to temporarily move the dimmer or hub closer to each other. After moving either your Vera or ZEN27 Dimmer, remember to exclude and re-include the device again to give them a chance to re-configure. If the error disappears, it may indicate that the original spot had too many interferences around or was simply out of range.

Finally, if your dimmer is installed in a metal switch box, this can shorten the device's range and may be the source of the problem! Metal and Z-Wave signals don't mix well, since it's very effective at blocking radio signals. It will affect your mesh network's strength and communication between device and hub. If possible, try installing a Z-Wave plug / range extender between the dimmer and the hub to see if the metal box was the issue. Moving either the dimmer or hub as mentioned above is also a helpful troubleshoot if your box is made of metal. 

If you're still experiencing issues after trying all the above, let's try to figure it out together

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  • 17-Oct-2018