How to Change the Advanced Settings for Your ZEN27 Dimmer in Vera

Your dimmer can be customized in a bunch of cool ways.

Set automatic turn-off and turn-on timers, personalize on/off status after power outages, speed up or slow down ramp rate, and more! Check out your device manual for full details. You'll also be able to customize the LED indicator (which you can enable and disable manually if you'd like - here's more on that). Below is the process to change parameters in your Vera interface; we took adjusting ramp rate as an example.. 

1. Open your Vera online interface (the browser dashboard, not the app)
2. Click on the Zooz Dimmer Switch ZEN27
3. Go to Device Options
4. Click on Add configuration settings
5. Put in the following:

To change ramp rate control:

  1. Variable = 9 [Adjust the ramp rate for your dimmer (fade-in / fade-out effect for on / off operation). Values correspond to the number of seconds it take for the dimmer to reach full brightness or turn off when operated manually.]
  2. Data Size = 1 byte dec
  3. Desired Value =  [1 – 99 (seconds). Default set to 1]

6. Click on Save Changes

Have questions about your dimmer's advanced options? Reach out!

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  • 17-Oct-2018