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My ZEN06 Smart Plug is Unresponsive to My Z-Wave System

If your ZEN06 Smart Plug is connected to your Z-Wave controller but it's not responding to commands or receiving them, then there's probably an issue with range or connectivity.

While the ZEN06 Smart Plug has a range of 130 feet, this applies to line-of-sight range with no barriers or interference in between. However, we know that many houses don't have such open and large layouts. The range of your Smart Plug and network inevitably depend how the network is set up along with the structure of your house. Thick walls, large furniture, and metal elements around the Smart Plug will shorten the device's range potential. Here's what to try if you're experiencing connectivity issues:

1. Try verifying whether your desired installation location is within solid range of your controller. Keep in mind that you can only take advantage of the ZEN06 Smart Plug's range test tool if it's already been included to your Z-Wave network. To initiate the range test tool, press and hold the Z-Wave button for 6 to 9 seconds until the LED indicator turns violet. The LED indicator will then report signal strength.

  • Flashing green = direct communication with the primary controller is established and still being diagnosed
  • Solid green for 2 seconds = direct communication with the primary controller is stable
  • Flashing orange = direct communication with the primary controller is intermittent and being diagnosed
  • Solid orange = communication quality is fair
  • Solid red = communication with the primary controller has failed

Based on what you find, you can try moving the ZEN06 Smart Plug to another location to test it out closer to your controller. To exit testing mode, press and release the Z-Wave button.

2. If there's a way to refresh your Z-Wave network, we'd recommend trying the refresh. This may help your controller find the most effective communication route to the Smart Plug. 

3. Try bringing the Smart Plug closer to your controller. Plug it into a wall receptacle near the controller, and then exclude it  and re-include it. If the plug includes successfully and stays connected, it's possible the previous spot is out of the controller's range or there are too many interferences in that spot.

4. Try excluding and re-including the Smart Plug from the installation location directly. Similar to the idea behind refreshing the network, it's possible that the controller hasn't found the most efficient communication route to the Smart Plug. This can occasionally happen when you include a device near the hub and then move it away to be installed. 

5. Check that your Smart Plug is installed in a spot without too many metal elements surrounding it. Metal effectively blocks Z-Wave signals from coming in or going through. If you notice your Smart Plug is surrounded by metal, try moving it to a different location to see if it still has trouble connecting. 

If you've tried all of the above and are still seeing the same issue, please let us know! Our team will be happy to help.

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  • 10-Jun-2020